B2B Enterprise eCommerce Analytics Systems

For any business that's trying to remain competitive in the eCommerce world, having access to customer and sales data at the most granular level is vital. The developers and designers at Clarity eCommerce know that having the right enterprise eCommerce analytics system installed on your platform means that you can be sure that the data you're using is always up-to-date and accurate.

Analytics Systems for Superior Customer Service

Good customer service is a great part of what drives the success of the most profitable businesses in the world. A good eCommerce analytics system can help you to understand where your customer service is going above and beyond and where it's lagging behind. The right tools are imperative toward making sure that data from CRM software and other solutions are all reported centrally and that it's all retrievable for accurate reporting.

Clarity eCommerce has helped many companies shape their online strategies for more sales and profits. See some of the B2B eCommerce success stories here.

The Broad View: SEO and Performance Tracking

A good eCommerce analytics system also helps you to track the overall performance of your site. You can determine which SEO programs have driven more traffic to your site, what pages are retaining customers and which products are selling better than the rest. All of this data ensures that you're not putting your energy toward the wrong products and that you're capitalizing on your business-to-business enterprise successes.

Solid Programming with C#, ASP.Net and .Net

Without good code, an eCommerce analytics system will simply not perform. By bringing together the power of languages such as ASP, C# and the .NET framework, we're able to create solutions that you can rely upon day in and day out. This means that your technology will help your eCommerce business to perform at its maximum level of profitability and that it won't restrict your business from growth. Clarity has added a machine learning module to their eCommerce platform, which can learn and act on user behavior, buying and browsing patterns, sales trends and more. Many call this learning and acting, "personalization," which means personalizing or tailoring the user experience to their activities.

Accurate Reporting Means Effective Planning and Implementation

A good eCommerce analytics system, like the one built into Clarity eCommerce, will allow you to create reports that you can use to improve what your business does best and to develop those parts of your business that are lacking. With proper reporting, you can be sure that everyone involved has the data they need to go forward with planning and implementing solutions that will make your business more profitable.

Providing your business with an eCommerce analytics system that is thorough, reliable and user-friendly means that you can concentrate on building your business. The reporting and analysis you can engage in with the right software is more than impressive and should provide any B2B enterprise eCommerce business with a better idea of how they can be more successful. These systems, when integrated with your back-office applications, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, can be relied upon to provide consistently outstanding results. Give us a call to discuss your B2B eCommerce project.