ASP.Net Design Examples and Case Studies

Clarity uses ASP.Net web development for almost all of our websites. Below is just a small sample of how we’ve managed to make the coding language work for our clients: development example - zebra imaging

ASP.Net Development Example – Zebra Imaging

Zebra Imaging approached Clarity in need of a full website solution, which included not just eCommerce website development but also memorable design and branding. ASP.Net was the perfect coding language to accomplish this task. Clarity designed a powerful eCommerce website that integrated with back office and accounting software, and updated Zebra Imaging’s design and branding presence. To do this, we combined traditional ASP.Net with Custom ASP.Net Storefront. design example - walt disney

ASP.Net Design Example – Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World needed Clarity to design them a custom website specific to Florida residents. Their primary goals were to have a multilingual (English and Spanish) website that was well-designed and easily accessible on iPhones and iPads. Clarity used the ASP.Net multilingual content management system to allow diverse visitors to make purchases from the site. Additionally, Clarity was able to blend ASP.Net with jQuery animation to make a fun, iPad and iPhone-friendly design. design example - orange octopus

ASP.Net Development Example – Orange Octopus

Orange Octopus’s business goal is to provide a ready-made international sales portal framework for eCommerce businesses that are ready to take the global leap. This means they needed easy and seamless shipping integration, turn-key selling ability, multilingual eCommerce features, dynamic shipping labels, tax calculation, role-based partner logins, and more. Clarity leveraged the ASP.Net development framework to provide all of this and more.

If you’d like to see more ASP.Net development examples, peruse our demo site or contact Clarity today!