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In need of custom web development in ASP.NET? There's a few things to consider. First, why is ASP.NET such a solid and secure framework, and what do you need to know going into a project like this? We cover all of that for you below.

Custom ASP.NET Web Development

ASP.NET is one of the most powerful frameworks available for web development, as it was developed by Microsoft and meant for versatility, security, and power. To fully take advantage of this platform, you need a custom web development company that understands and executes against the proper development cycle. Below is more information about the steps of a custom project and what you should expect along the way.

Discovery & Orientation

If you fail to plan, you should plan to fail (as the old saying goes). It's critically important to host a discovery phase at the beginning of each development project in order to communicate requirements and your expectations from the get-go.

Your development team should also ask probing questions in order to beef up the discovery document, since your company probably won't be able to anticipate all of the necessary items that the developers need to understand. Orientation follows as the project gets started.

Create a Project Roadmap

Based upon the information shared in the discovery phase, your development team should hop right into planning out how the project will be built. ASP.NET conventions and architecture should be accounted for, and the entire project from start to finish needs to be included in a roadmap that makes sense to the developers and the Client.

Execution on Development Deliverables

This is the phase where the developers really get to work on ASP.NET development. Now that there is a discovery completed and a project roadmap in place, the developers are set and understand what is expected of them and the final product that they are creating. Periodic reviews should be scheduled to ensure that the developers and the Client are on the same page at all times.

Review & Testing

When the development is close to completion, review and testing should begin. A large part of the responsibility is on you, the Client, to review the website or application in detail to ensure that it is working as you had wanted. Of course, no project is perfect, so make sure you're clear on your communication about the items that need to be fixed before launch.


Of course, the launch is next. If all has gone well so far this step should be painless. Taking the website from the ASP.NET development environment into production can take a few hours depending on the project. Now your new site is ready for use and promotion!

ASP.NET Development in DNN Evoq

Clarity Ventures is a Gold Partner of DNN and has a lot of experience with custom ASP.NET development projects within the CMS.

DNN Software (formerly DotNetNuke Corporation) is the company behind Evoq, a premier ASP.NET content management system. Clarity Ventures is a Gold Partner of DNN and has a lot of experience with custom ASP.NET development projects within the CMS. If you're considering a custom ASP.NET website or web app project, DNN Evoq is a great choice to consider.

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