Authorize.Net Integration VS Paypal Integration

Integrate Authorize.Net with your eCommerce Website

The What, Why and How of Authorize.Net integration

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Integrating Authorize.Net

At Clarity Ventures, the majority of our eCommerce checkout systems use Authorize.Net as their payment processor. We offer many Authorize.Net functionality systems off the shelf, and we can also set up more advanced payment options if necessary. Read on for a more thorough overview of Authorize.Net as well as an introduction to how you can take advantage of advanced payment options.

What is the Authorize.Net Gateway?

Authorize.Net is a payment gateway service, which means it processes credit card transactions. This includes making sure funds are available, contacting banks, and securely transferring the data. There are many reasons Clarity uses the Authorize.Net gateway payment system, including its safe, secure reputation; its scalability and its easy integration. The latter helps us keep development costs down while providing you with a trusted, reliable service as quickly as possible.

Authorize.Net Vs Paypal

Authorize.Net allows for advanced payment options, like including ARB and enabling ACH and debit payments.

There is some debate about Paypal vs Authorize.Net and which one is a better payment processing system. While the answer can depend somewhat on the scope of your website, your traffic, and your budget, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, Paypal is a bit less expensive, costing nothing to set up and offering a lower monthly fee. Paypal can also be very convenient for many transactions. However, the Paypal company also has more control over your account and can put a freeze on it if they think they detect abnormal charging patterns. This can often lead to long-term problems while you sort the trouble out. With Authorize.Net, any money you receive is automatically yours; they do not put the money in holding.

Authorize.Net Advanced Payment Options

Authorize.Net allows for advanced payment options, including ARB and enabling ACH and debit payments. If you would like to integrate your eCommerce business with this form of payment, Clarity can help set it up for you. Speak to a Clarity representative today to discuss your payment integration options in detail.