Automating Your Business Processes

What is Business Process Automation?

Business process automation Business Process Automation is the process of managing data, information and actions which decrease costs, resources and investments. By automating one’s business, you are increasing the performance of key business processes with computing and software. The automation targets the implementation of automated routine tasks through initiation, execution and completion, while bolstering the enterprise-wide workflow efficiency. BPA is geared to stabilize ones efficiency and to boost the productivity and stability of an underutilized asset by using software applications. This process works through analyzing both critical and non-critical process and their relationship or dependency on other processes.


Three Fundamental Concepts of Business Process Automation



orechestration and system management Orchestration provides businesses with the tools to build systems which contain centralized management over its enterprise computing architecture. To err, is to human. It is our nature to forget things we need to complete. Whether we are forgetting a critical part in pay roll, or maybe you have spent hours coding a module and realized you have messed up. Regardless, with the orchestration of the workflows of business, you can automate much of these functions in order to reduce the risk of human error within your system.




business integrations Amalgamates business processes by spreading the business process automation throughout the process-centric sectors of a business. With the huge sweep of eCommerce across the globe, I’m sure you have heard about multiple integration softwares (ie;Microsoft GP Integration). All of these have one thing in common, integration. Whether you are trying to integrate your email accounts into one email, or you are wanting to create an enterprise-wide integration, by integrating you are simplifying, and complying different processes of your business into one source making the administration of said function much more efficient.


Automated Execution


business automations Completes and executes tasks automatically, which will reduce multiple tasks with human intervention. One such task may be the streamlining of communication in your business. With daunting amounts of emails, instant messages, and calls daily. With so many tasks, events, to-do’s and more that you need to worry about, the automated execution will file, sort, and mark down all the workflow for you. If every email you check were to reduce overall performance by a 9 minute margin, imagine all the time you save by automating your workflows. Talk about a jump in performance!



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