Custom B2B eCommerce Affiliate Marketing System

Clarity Ventures allows your online store to integrate with or operate alongside affiliate programs. An affiliate program is a great way to increase sales and collect valuable marketing data. These programs allow you to take advantage of some of the best marketers on the Internet and pay them on a purely commission basis.

Affiliate eCommerce and Streamlined Workflows

An affiliate eCommerce system functions by giving each of the affiliate marketers a unique link that allows you to track which sales they make. If they make a sale via one of their advertisements, they get a cut of the sale. Because the system has traceability built into it, it's very easy to gain valuable marketing data and ensure that you're getting the most out of the program. This also enables you to be certain that you get good information about which types of advertisements are working and what placements are proving to be the most beneficial.

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Payout Types to Affiliate Marketers

Depending upon the arrangement you have with your affiliates, your system can be customized to accommodate it. For instance, sometimes an affiliate eCommerce system will pay out in the event a customer makes a purchase. In other scenarios, the system will pay out when a customer provides information. In some cases, the customer need only visit the website in order for the affiliate to receive a payment. Depending upon what you want to do with your system, your Clarity Ventures setup can be customized to your business model.

Reliability with Stable eCommerce Systems

Using solid Microsoft technologies, you can be sure that your affiliate eCommerce system is designed in a way that prevents it from being abused.

Using solid Microsoft technologies, you can be sure that your affiliate eCommerce system is designed in a way that prevents it from being abused. Affiliates can be sure that the sales they make will be tracked and that they'll get paid their commissions when they earn them, as well. This level of technological development ensures that everyone can trust the system and that your business can benefit from it as much as possible.

Your affiliate eCommerce system can also help with your branding efforts by being designed to provide your advertisers with the materials they need to place banners on their sites. Easy sign up and login features allow your affiliates to get started right away and for everyone involved in affiliate transactions to be notified when a new affiliate advertiser signs up on the site and is ready to start marketing for your business.

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