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Clarity Ventures offers clients the significant advantage of having a well branded online store. B2B eCommerce store branding and marketing is vital to making sure that your business stands out and that it's memorable to visitors.  Even though it may seem superficial at some levels, good branding is a huge part of what makes some businesses successful and others simply disappear because they lack it. With professional designers, you can make sure that your business and your brand always come off in the best light possible.

Design and Branding for Business to Business

Business to Business eCommerce Store Branding

A lot of discussions about eCommerce focus solely on the technical aspects and, while those are certainly important, there is also a lot to be said for the aesthetic aspects of an eCommerce site and how it plays into brand image. B2B eCommerce store branding, if it is to be done effectively, requires that the storefront is attractive and that it provides the level of customer convenience that visitors expect. Solutions such as ASP.Net allow very attractive storefronts to be built that are very functional, as well, and that ensure that customers have a fast and easy-to-navigate storefront to deal with.

Clarity Ventures has helped many companies shape their online strategies for more sales and profits. See some of the B2B eCommerce success stories here.

Ease of Use through .Net and ASP.Net

B2B eCommerce store branding and marketing also rely on how easy a site is to use. There are some exceptions to this rule but, generally speaking, very complicated and difficult to navigate websites do not last long. This is because there are always better sites out there. Professional designers do more than make a site look pretty; they also make it functional. This means making sure that the navigation is easy to understand and that the process of purchasing items doesn't leave anyone at a loss. This convenience will most certainly become part of your brand image!

B2B eCommerce Marketing

B2B eCommerce store branding and marketing is easier when you have solutions that allow you to leverage the power of several different technologies. For instance, by using technologies such as the aforementioned DotNetNuke, you can integrate your eCommerce into software that allows you to perform marketing functions such as creating emails and targeted sales literature. You can also instantly access sales data to determine the success of particular campaigns and to determine where to put your time and effort in the future.

B2B eCommerce store branding and marketing is easier with solutions such as DotNetNuke.

All of this means that you get much more out of your website and that you can make sure that your brand is one that people associate with quality, convenience and a good experience where customer service is concerned.

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