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Using eCommerce Templates for Your Business

Benefits of eCommerce Templates

ecommerce templateClarity Ventures offers robust functionality, but also allows clients to brand their store any way they'd like. The usefulness of B2B eCommerce customizable templates extends far beyond the design phase. When the site is up and running they offer significant benefits and they can be the starting point of a very efficient business workflow.

eCommerce Templates and Design

B2B eCommerce templates have the benefit of being based on proven site structures and expanding upon those to reach a truly custom design for any online business. When they are used, you can be sure that your design is one that people will understand be able to navigate. This is vital to making sure that your site enjoys an easy-to-use interface and that it is a place that people want to visit again. Customizable templates allow designers to create new pages very quickly and to make sure that the site design is consistent across all the pages. This is vital to branding and to making certain that people can actually use your site. Clarity Ventures has helped many companies shape their online strategies for more sales and profits. See some of the B2B eCommerce success stories here.

custom template Customize eCommerce Templates for Consistent Branding

B2B eCommerce customizable templates for platforms such as DotNetNuke enable designers to be very creative without having to reinvent the wheel every time they build a site. This means that your site goes up faster and that you can be sure that the fundamentals of it work. The DotNetNuke platform, in particular, is notable for being one where there is a lot of opportunity for a designer to be creative and to make an innovative looking site while working from tried and true templates that provide reliable functionality.

eCommerce Scalability with Proven Workflows

B2B eCommerce optimized designs allow a site to scale upward very quickly. Every added product doesn't mean that a new page has to be created and that a designer has to be hired again to do it. The templates wrap around your content and make sure that the page created is consistent with site-wide branding and that all of the necessary information is available to the customer. These are the most efficient ways to operate a website, by far. If you're taking on a new design or refurbishing an old one, Clarity can take your branding and fit it to one of our proven design workflows.

Clarity Can Help

For nearly a decade, Clarity has been creating custom eCommerce websites for B2B businesses. We know the ins and outs of developing successful business to business eCommerce sites. Our team of expert developers has worked with numerous clients to help them develop an eCommerce site that works for their businesses and fulfills the needs, wants, and expectations of their customers. To speak with an expert about creating or enhancing your business’s B2B eCommerce site, call or click to contact us today!