B2B Enterprise eCommerce Quote Workflows


Clarity Ventures clients enjoy streamlined B2B quote workflows. When you're making a business-to-business quote, workflow for eCommerce solutions allow you to make sure that the information flows where it needs to. These solutions empower a company to move faster, to make adjustments as needed and to ensure that their clients know that they're getting the highest possible level of customer service.

ERP Integration and Enterprise Communication

Many businesses use programs such as Microsoft Great Plains and customer relationship management software to provide a faster and more efficient workflow throughout the company. When you make a business-to-business quote, workflow for eCommerce applications has to be reliable and intuitive. Good eCommerce solutions allow you to make sure that the business you run always has the right information in the right places.

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Reliability on ASP.Net and .Net Technology

Having a professional team of programmers take care of your solutions means that you get much more than software out of the deal. You also get the assurance that the products you purchased have been designed specifically to take care of your business's needs and that your workflow strategies have been integrated into those solutions.

Broad Routes of B2B Communication

In some cases, your telephone centers or other contact points will be the ones who work directly with customers. Good business-to-business quote workflow for eCommerce means that you can stop worrying about this meaning that communication with the system is compromised. There are plenty of different ways that quotes can be rendered—email, faxes, etc.—but a comprehensive solution can be designed so that they're all accommodated.

Having ecommerce software that can grow with you ensures that opportunities are not lost.

Accuracy in Data and Application Workflows

Quotes have to be accurate and the input of several different departments is oftentimes needed to make sure that is the case. With the right software, changes can be communicated instantly so that no one is left out and so that the business process continues smoothly, efficiently and without the danger of there being problems that arise because of poor communication between departments. Good software can go a long way toward increasing productivity, efficiency and accuracy for any business.

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