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b2b ecommerce trends

Your B2B eCommerce website is your portal to your customers and your means of maintaining the integrity of your products and services. As such, it is important to stay on top of trends in B2B eCommerce and web development. While you may target an audience that is different from the B2C audience, they still evolve with the times and will look to you to follow best practices. Read on for an overview of B2B trends and how you can capitalize on them.

Advances in B2B eCommerce Web Development

The largest advance in the realm of B2B eCommerce website development is in mobile web development and responsive design. Many people think that it’s only the B2C customers who use mobile devices to make their purchases; but an ever-increasing number of B2B customers make their purchases via mobile web, too. By now, mobile should clearly be a core piece of B2B strategies as well as B2C.

Complexity in B2B eCommerce Software

Like mobile development, social media integration and other forms of social engagement isn’t just for B2C customers anymore.

B2B eCommerce businesses have always been complex and multichannel, given the nature of their operations. This is no different in 2012; but what is different is the number of worlds that have opened up for customer engagement alone. Like mobile development, social media integration and other forms of social engagement isn’t just for B2C customers anymore. This can be quite difficult for a B2B eCommerce business, especially given that B2B companies are much more likely to operate in several different languages and countries. pt files in the CRM can help developers manage version control and source control, and allows for more dynamic and functional libraries.

Top B2B eCommerce Website Design Considerations

B2B eCommerce website design continues to follow traditional best practices, with a few notable developments. The traditional qualities of targeting your audience carefully, paying attention to branding, focusing on navigability, and adding visual appeal continue to hold true. New developments include allowing for multiple ways to make an order – such as requesting a quote, ordering based on history, or selecting from a list of previously purchased items. Additionally, remember to include more detailed information about your products; B2B customers typically require much more information prior to their purchase than B2C customers do.

Clarity has extensive B2B eCommerce web development experience, and can help you stay on top of all of the B2B eCommerce trends. Contact us today to learn more.

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