B2B eCommerce Website Solutions Examples and Cast Studies

B2B eCommerce Website Examples and Case Studies

Clarity has worked with countless B2B systems and websites to create solutions that maximize both efficiency and profit. Below are three examples of innovative solutions Clarity has worked with to help business to business eCommerce website operators:

B2B eCommerce Website Example: Hippo Hopper

b2b ecommerce website example - hippo hopper

Hippo Hopper, which manufactures self-dumping hoppers, approached Clarity with a need for an improved manual sales workflow, better branding and messaging, and a more attractive and user-friendly online catalog. Clarity integrated and automated a quoting process with automatic product cost calculation and email replies. Clarity also implemented a site-wide product catalog and improved the website’s SEO. The result? A 50%-100% increase in sales process effectiveness.

B2B eCommerce Website Example: SFP

b2b ecommerce website example - sfp

If you decide to mobile optimize your B2B website, one of the most important considerations will be form optimization. Form submission is Senior Flexonics Pathway came to Clarity with a need for a refresh for their custom manufacturing and industrial website. After meeting with the SFP team in several sessions, Clarity improved SFP’s look, feel, and functionality, which included creating more intuitive request forms and membership workflows. The website now looks much more professional and credible, and has resulted in a 50% increase in the volume of site visitors.

B2B eCommerce Website Example: Zebra Imaging, Inc

b2b ecommerce website example - zebra imaging

Zebra Imaging approached Clarity in need of a more effective B2B product catalog, an ERP system integration, better SEO, and a more streamlined accounting system. Clarity integrated an array of solutions, from a drip marketing download/form capture program integrated with Salesforce, to Quickbooks integration. Clarity also integrated account status and role-based logins for the product catalog, and boosted branding and calls to action. The results included a vast increase in online ordering, improved sales process effectiveness, and dramatically improved SEO results.

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