B2B eCommerce Marketing Workflows and Microsoft Dynamics


Clarity Ventures clients are able to accommodate single or multi-step workflow arrangements. B2B eCommerce single or multi-step workflow scenarios mean that there are varying levels of process layers that must be organized. Having an effective workflow means your customer will have a better experience buying from you and you will be more efficient taking purchase orders.

Sophisticated Solutions and Workflows

When approaching a unique eCommerce workflow, integrating your online store with ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics gives your business better visibility and efficiency. This allows the business to take full advantage of the power that Microsoft Dynamics or other ERP systems offer. Whether there is only one warehouse about or several warehouses to keep track of, management can be certain that the workflow process will be accommodated.

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Instant Information with ERP Integration

B2B eCommerce single or multi-step workflow solutions also provide a way to accommodate businesses that need to make certain that information flows to several different departments in real time. This means, for instance, that accounting needs to be made aware of any purchases that were ordered from the website at the same time that the warehouse is made aware that there is an order that needs fulfillment. By integrating the eCommerce solution with ERP software, it's possible to vastly streamline all of these processes and to make certain that the business has all the power it needs to get the job done and to keep the client happy.

Solid Technology - ASP.net, .Net development, and Microsoft Dynamics

Products such as ASP, .Net and Microsoft Dynamics are commonly used to provide B2B eCommerce single or multi-step workflow solutions. This is because all of these products are proven as stable platforms and made to work together.

The businesses that employ efficient workflow solutions will have the best customer experiences.

From the first time the customer sees the website until they get their order, the businesses that employ efficient workflow solutions will have the best customer experiences. In addition to this, sophisticated software solutions provide a technology stack that allows them to ensure compatibility between departments. This means streamlined workflows, and better experiences for management and customers.

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