Relationship Management and Engaging with B2B Customers

b2b relationship management overview

Because B2B customers are so unique – there’s usually fewer of them, and they’re making much more complex decisions with higher financial stakes – managing relationships with them is a bit more nuanced than B2C customer relationships. Since your base is usually smaller and it takes a larger investment to land a customer, it’s in your best interest to maintain that customer’s loyalty as long as possible. Their repeat business will often be more valuable than finding new customers.

B2B Customer Loyalty

There are several things you can do to maximize B2B customer loyalty. Not surprisingly, almost all of them involve the process of not leaving your customer hanging after they buy your product or service. Provide them with an orientation, ongoing education, and customer support whenever they need it. Try to avoid charging them for more than what they were quoted, and set reasonable expectations regarding the timeline and performance of your product or service. A customer who feels she has been deceived is not one who will return.

Engaging with your B2B Customers

As soon as you sell your product, you move from a sales role to a consulting role.

Customer engagement with B2B customers is every bit as important as it is with B2C customers, but there are a few differences. Think about it as a feedback loop strategy; if you let your customer know that her feedback is valued and that her suggestions will be taken seriously, she will return. You can accomplish this with newsletter campaign development, surveys, access to direct contact, and more. Facebook may not be the place for this sort of feedback, unless you have an experienced social media marketer on your team.


Other Tips for Great B2B Customer Service

What B2B customer service really boils down to is that your company should be as accessible as possible. As soon as you sell your product, you move from a sales role to a consulting role. Don’t let your customer down by being anything less. Still confused about B2B customer relationships? Speak to Clarity about making them easier than ever with CRM integration, newsletter campaign development, social media marketing, and more.


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