Benefits of an eCommerce & Epicor Eagle Integration



The benefits of an eCommerce Epicor Eagle integration are especially strong in the most critical area of B2B sales--improving communication between the front- and back-office. The Epicor ERP software can do so much more when it's seamlessly and bidirectionally connected with the company’s eCommerce web store and ERP software. The benefits of integration include: 

  • The ability to optimize and automate business practices
  • Better decision-making ability based on real-time information
  • Increased data quality
  • Providing customers with a range of self-service features that increase satisfaction and loyalty

Epicor Connects Seamlessly with the Right Developer's Assistance

No software works trouble-free right out of the box, so it's important to hire a developer if you want full, seamless platform integration. An Epicor Integration can reduce your integration costs by connecting via Clarity Connect to your eCommerce storefront or marketplace. 

A development partner can test connections and customer-facing features, integrate new business modules as needed, troubleshoot connections with suppliers, shippers and other third-party associates and develop special features such as customer portals, dashboards and proprietary apps. These tools are increasingly important in providing great user experiences. Millennial buyers favor these tools and advanced technology, and an increasing number of millennials are involved in B2B buying decisions. 

The Benefits of Systemwide Communications

The eCommerce store serves as the backbone of any B2B company’s online sales efforts. Today's global business ecosystems increasing need to connect and communicate back-and-forth with customers, service vendors, suppliers and business partners. the major benefit of integration is that it enables better communications using a variety of techniques such as: 

  • Customized marketing messages
  • Timely and relevant emails
  • Text messages including GPS-based marketing communications to attract customers to brick-and-mortar locations
  • Real-time information updates across multiple marketing channels such as social media, marketplace platforms, distributorships and others

Unfortunately, each company is unique with its own mix of business systems, software and platform features. Integrating front- and back-office features allows separate systems and formats to communicate with each other seamlessly to exchange business-critical information, data updates and communications. 

Top Benefits of Epicor Eagle Integration

The benefits of integrating Epicor Eagle software with front-office eCommerce and back-office ERP software include: 

  • Inventory Management 
    Integration automates many functions such as picking products, fulfillment services and offering multiple shipping options to customers. It's easier to optimize inventory to increase profitability.
  • 360-degree View of Business Operations 
    An integrated system enables any authorized staff member to view critical sales and performance information in real-time on custom dashboards and in custom reports.
  • Mobile Options 
    Customer service, sales and administrative staff can work from their mobile phones safely, securely and efficiently with optimized displays. Customers get a better and more efficient mobile experience.
  • Payment Management 
    Offering customers multiple payment options increases conversion rates and fosters greater loyalty. B2B companies can process credit and debit cards at a lower cost using an integrated Epicor Payment Exchange application. [2]
  • Streamlined Process for Special Orders 
    Providing customers with the ability to place special orders using self-service is increasingly important in the B2B sphere. Integrated platforms make it possible to personalize and customize products and even build items from scratch using product configurator software.
  • Automated Customer Management 
    It's easy to organize a built-in loyalty and rewards program with integrated technology. Records from the eCommerce store and ERP software can identify the best incentives for each customer, and the rewards accrue automatically.
  • Better Internal Management 
    There are an incredible number of management benefits that integration generates. These include the ability to schedule staff more efficiently, bring together raw materials, equipment and production workers to reduce lag time in manufacturing, forecast staff needs, empower staff to access their HR records, etc.
  • Better Compliance 
    B2B companies face compliance issues based on financial data, medical products, food safety and others. Integration ensures better compliance to regulations from multiple sales jurisdictions. Each step in the supply chain and manufacturing process is confirmed continually to prove that proper compliance steps were taken when questions arise.

The benefits of an eCommerce Epicor Eagle integration include the ability to provide a better user experience. Customer satisfaction is critical in B2B marketing, and B2B companies face a changing buyer demographic. Almost half of all B2B buyers are now millennials. [1] That means the efficiencies of integration are mandatory for companies that want to impress the technologically savvy group of B2B millennial decision-makers. 

Connecting with social media seamlessly through site integration also delivers big benefits. About 88 percent of B2B companies use Facebook for marketing purposes, and 74 percent of B2B decision-makers check on companies through LinkedIn. [3] 

Why You Need a Skilled Developer for Epicor Eagle integration

Integration can be a complex process with many elements. Although an Epicor Integration API offers a robust integration for different systems, the implementation involves maintaining complicated software, business infrastructure and internal and customer-facing processes. Clarity offers the experience of building hundreds of B2B platforms and integrating applications using a modular approach. That means you can expand technology at a comfortable pace that allows your company to train its staff thoroughly after each upgrade and add technology as needed. 


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