Benefits of DNN Permissions


Clarity DNN CMS content is kingIn 1996, Bill Gates notably pronounced, “Content is king;” his bold statement reigns true 17 years later. Content Management Systems are the latest evolutionary stage in helping publish, edit and modify organizations’ content. Frankly, the age of hand-coding HTML pages and CSS is long behind us. DNN, formerly DotNetNuke, is the leading open source web content management platform for the Microsoft ecosystem. Whether you decide to show off your eCommerce store to potential customers or run an online publication, DNN’s compatibility will suffice for just about any organizational content goal.

Clarity recommends DNN as the best .NET CMS availableOne of the biggest reasons why DNN has been downloaded over 8 million times and services over 750,000 websites globally is due to their common sense administrative capabilities. When it comes to understanding a content operations, it’s like any engine. There are multiple intricate parts interconnected, and if just one part is slightly off or malfunctioning, the whole machine can falter. DNN’s role groups and approval workflow capabilities can set the appropriate permissions to make sure your content machine runs quickly and efficiently.

Clarity is a Top  5 Gold Certified DNN partnerClarity is a gold certified DotNetNuke partner and we assist successful organizations, like Pervasive (acquired by Actian for $162M), organize their workflows and execute their content strategies. Technology directors, marketing managers, and human resources all have vested interests making sure these procedures run as smoothly as possible. The only catch is, they all have to learn to cooperate together. Version 7.0 of DNN brings enterprise-level web content functionality to users across all departments.

Technology Directors

clarity technology edge with DNN CMSHistorically, IT is hounded by other departments ranging from systems networking to maintaining the site. In order to give the IT department some breathing room, DNN has implemented custom group permissions that give restricted autonomy based on the individuals’ position. This breaks down every element on the site and exposes the right to assign permission to those roles and role groups.

Marketing Managers

Clarity DNN for driving marketing web trafficThe pressure is consistently on the marketing department to create content, acquire new leads, and set-up sales. DNN allows content managers to produce material the way leadership envisions. With it’s seamless capabilities, content to drive web traffic to your site can be up in no time.

Human Resources

clarity human resources development with DNN CMSAs organizations grow and pivot, they need additional employees to fill their respective roles. Human resources and talent managers typically control this function of the business, and with DNN they can control this particular section of the website. Whether this department needs to update/remove a job posting or showcase an upcoming event, DNN can grant HR the appropriate permissions to fulfill their mission.

Clarity’s Expertise

Clarity expertise in DNN web design and developmentSuccessful organizations like Pervasive, and many more, have utilized the DNN tool to operate different aspects of their business. Clarity is one of the few gold partners in Texas, and the nation, with a history of triumphs. Please connect with a Clarity consultant and learn how you can take advantage of our expertise!