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Clarity B2B eCommerce customizable templatesWeb directories come in all shapes and sizes, as do the individuals and businesses that are interested in building them and using them. There are many reasons why one might be interested in directory website development, from their many uses and benefits to an industry or organization to the ability they have to generate a simple and lasting revenue source.

Building a Web Directory from Scratch

At Clarity, we’ve run across a wide array of individuals and organizations whose idea for business success stems off the basic concept of building a new web directory system from scratch. Maybe your experienced in the construction industry of your regional area and you want to create an advanced directory website showcasing local companies and individuals who provide constructions services. Finding a credible eDirectory web developer company to work with on executing your new business concept is a critical step in your future success.

Launching an Existing Directory System Online

For some individuals and businesses, they already have the data or knowledge of helpful information that they’ve been providing to customers free of charge for years. With the transition of a directory like this to an online environment, you’ll be able to maximize potential profits for sharing this knowledge to interested parties. The key to making this transition successful is pinpointing the best Online Directory Programming or Design Firm for your work.

Profiting from an Online Directory Website

Though there are many different ways to turn a profit on developing a business directory website, some of the most common ways are:

  • Subscription Fees – Your End User Pays to View the Directory (Ex:
  • Placement Costs – Individuals or Businesses in your directory pay to be listed (Ex:
  • Premium Listings – Individuals or Business that want a show-cased listing in your directory will pay you extra for the top placements or greater visibility of their listing
  • Advertising Revenue – Popularity of your directory encourages other companies and businesses to want to place adds on your directory (Ex:

Getting Started with Building a Custom Web Directory

If you think you might have the next great idea for a website directory system, contact the Business Development Team at Clarity and they can help you better understand the risks, rewards and potential success that can come from an Online Web Directory business.

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