Business API Integrations

What are APIs?
As companies consistently hit their sales and marketing targets, decision makers are faced with the task of not only growing, but scaling their businesses. One of the most commonly used tools in helping these businesses grow is the use of application programming interfaces (APIs). APIs allow software components to interact with each other, almost like languages with humans.

What can APIs do?

APIs make it easy to efficiently share data and processes. They stand as an ideal tool for increasing awareness of work done and services offered, in an efficient manner. Enterprise companies utilize websites, but they often utilize CRM, ERP, and other systems like analytics, monitoring employee performance, return merchandise, shipping dashboard or utility, etc. As business leaders determine the most effective ways to scale businesses, they typically implement API integrations to make things run seamlessly.

With all these systems under one roof, this now gives developers the opportunity to integrate these systems. This brings the data from one platform to another, and feeds your business pipeline the right information. Now, your once siloed platforms becoming intelligent and begin to interact with one another. The products in your ERP system are now correlating with your website. Details like shipping information can show up as an item as website status, whether or not it was picked up, and if it’s now in transit. In order for organizations to stay competitive, they have to offer integrated user experiences.

Benefits of APIs

There are a plethora of benefits of harnessing API’s in your business. Improving site loyalty and length of page time are some of the biggest considering factors to help improve your digital performance.

With APIs on your site, you can empower your pages to provide information from multiple sources. For instance, you are running a travel company site and need to display the week’s weather, currency, and flights. Normally, an individual would go back to Bing or Google to look for this information. With the APIs, you can provide multiple resources for them all at once.

Why APIs

Hands down, the biggest benefit of utilizing APIs is for the ability to automate processes that are otherwise manual. Being able to improve accuracy of the information that’s flowing in and out of your work flow is a significant benefit. Additionally, by doing things more quickly, people tend to come back to repeat business.

Clarity’s Help

If you are looking to take advantage of APIs and want to learn how your organization can benefit from improved integrations, please reach out to a Clarity expert today!

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