Check Out Customization Options for B2B eCommerce

Customizing Your eCommerce Checkout 

Ways to customize your B2B eCommerce checkout

B2B eCommerce checkoutWhile B2C and B2B eCommerce have their fair share of similarities, they also have quite a few differences. B2B requires an extra level of customization and consideration to help your business run its best and keep your customers satisfied. Customizing your eCommerce store helps your B2B business stand out from the rest and make the shopping experience easy for your customers. From start to finish, customization benefits both your employees and your clients. Customizing your checkout helps your transactions finish on a strong note.

Freight Configuration

One way to customize your checkout is through freight configuration. You can set up how freight will be handled and have various options and settings in place that can be shown to your customers. Some B2B businesses choose to make agreements with their customers about what the cost of their freight will be in advance. Customization will allow you to add certain freight costs to be charged to particular customers when they log on and make a purchase. This saves your sales team from having to intervene and recalculate freight for those valued customers.

freight configuration and quotesFreight Quoting Integration

Another option for customizing your checkout is integrating freight quoting systems with your eCommerce store. This integration can help show your customers up to date quotes or costs of shipping their freight. Your customers will be able to calculate their freight costs easily without needing help from your employees. You could even integrate with multiple freight shipping platforms to allow your customers to see and choose the best rate for them. Freight quote integration is just another step to making the checkout process even simpler for your customers.

Product Instructions and Attributes

An additional way to customize your checkout is by adding custom field forms. Many B2B customers tend to need to add extra instructions or specifications to their orders, so having custom field forms gives them a chance to do so. For example you can add a form where customers can write whether they need to have certain products shipped separately from the other products in their order or have something special printed on their products if you offer that. Custom field forms help customers easily communicate their needs to you at checkout without having to call your customer service team.

integrationIntegrating Customer Accounts and LOB Systems

Another option for customizing your checkout is tying customer accounts to your line of business (LOB) systems. Once a customer is logged in and makes a purchase from your eCommerce store, that information will be sent to your business systems, like your accounting software and CRM software, which are integrated with your eCommerce platform. Having customer accounts on your website tied to your LOB systems helps all of your information and orders to be kept accurate and up to date.

Clarity Can Help

At Clarity, we specialize in eCommerce for B2B businesses. Our team has helped numerous business to business clients customize their eCommerce stores and checkouts. Our shopping cart solution, Clarity eCommerce, is easy to customize and can be completed personalized to work for your B2B business. To find out more about how Clarity can help your company modify your checkout to best suit your business’s and customers’ needs, call or click to contact us today!