Clarity eCommerce: A Customizable, Scalable Platform

Clarity eCommerce Module Overview and Features

Learn about how Clarity eCommerce's capabilities can change your business for the better.

Clarity Overview

Clarity VenturesThe Clarity eCommerce platform was constructed to not only keep your eCommerce business running smoothly, but to scale it continually and effectively. Clarity's platform is built on the most agile frameworks and is easily customizable. Combined with our highly skilled, innovative development team, Clarity eCommerce is a powerful tool for growing your business.

Clarity's Features

Inbound Marketing and Social Media

Clarity eCommerceClarity eCommerce's marketing and social media features are tailored for optimal growth and outreach. Clarity can render dynamic parts catalogs, optimize titles, and do much more to provide optimal SEO solutions.

Onboarding the power of analytics is another great feature offered. By tracking various metrics such as average order value, visit duration before purchase, and average customer value, businesses will be able to adapt to ongoing changes and scale.

Social media integration is an easy way to optimize customer experience. Sharabilty, following, and registration is much easier and more seamless with the Clarity platform.

Easy Checkout

Easy checkout methods provide the best experience for the end user, helping your business increase sales. To create a great customer experience, the Clarity platform includes a huge call to action to get the process started, guest checkout options, free shipping options, multiple payment options, clear process indicators, and an easy contact via 800 number or live chat.

Payment Gateways, Shipping, and International

Clarity eCommerce can leverage various payment gateways to improve the checkout process. This allows you to accept payments and build credibility with customers through gateways they recognize and trust. Clarity eCommerce can utilize gateways including Paypal,, and Symantec.

Shipping support is also a key component of Clarity eCommerce. The platform is compatible with FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, and other popular shipping options.

Clarity eCommerce also supports many foreign languages. This is great for businesses who work with international parties. Clarity can help create a multilingual platform for global outreach, expanding your company's geographic market influence.


Clarity eCommerce is highly customizable. Robust templates are enabled for easy customization. This makes the platform intuitive for all users, not just developers. Significant variations in function and design can easily be turned on or off across an entire website or in specific portions.

Clarity vs. The Competition

Some of Clarity's competitors include:

  • Hotcakes
  • Viper Cart
  • SmithCart
  • Catalook

These competitors each provide a wide array of features and have been applied to many eCommerce businesses over the years. So what exactly makes Clarity superior?

In addition to the previously listed benefits, Clarity differs from other eCommerce solutions in that it is not restricted to DNN only. Clarity's versatility allows it to be applied to various other CMS platforms, including WordPress and Sitefinity. In addition, Clarity eCommerce is oriented around enterprise solutions and integrations. Because we authored this platform, the Clarity team is able to customize it to meet any unique need with ease.

Clarity: A Team of Seasoned Experts

If you have any other questions about Clarity eCommerce and how it can take your business to the next level, contact us today. Our experts are ready to provide with you with a free consultation.