Click Dimensions vs Hubspot For Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A comparison on Click Dimensions vs Hubspot For Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A Click Dimensions and Hubspot analysis and comparison


Click Dimensions vs Hubspot

Overview on Click Dimensions and Hubspot

Investing in a marketing automation tool is critical for business success. Marketing automation software was designed to help business effectively market on multiple channels and automate tasks, all through a single platform. With data tracking and storage, human error is greatly reduced. Click Dimensions and Hubspot are popular tools to use, Hubspot being the most widely used. Both have proven to be highly capable performance in automation and the gaining of intelligence. So which is better?


Web Tracking and Lead Scoring

Web tracking is important, allowing companies to gain insight on where traffic is coming from, segment viewers, score viewers, and qualify prospects based on their website-viewing habits. Both overall accomplish this well. However, some users have found Hubspot not being able to meet the full needs of their business; many have still gone back and used Google Analytics to gain more in depth tracking on their websites.

To define lead scoring, it is the measuring of lead activities and behaviors to show how interested the lead is in the website they are visiting. To do this successfully, custom code has to be placed on all pages throughout your website to have the most insightful data.

Social Discovery

Social Media allows any sort of entity, person or business, to create an online identity and interact with billions of people over the world. This is crucial for not only gaining more leads, but retaining current customers. Both are able to handle social media channels in bulk, creating efficiency. Posts on channels like Twitter can be scheduled to make a constant working feed. Both effectively enable users to manage social media, integrating it into their work flow, rather it be worked on as a side assignment.

Landing Pages and Web Forms

Creating forms and landing pages with either is very simple. Both have a drag and drop capability, eliminating the need for knowing how to code. The drag and drop functions closely resemble Wordpress, making it widely familiar and intuitive.


The cost of Click Dimensions ranges from $225-$1250 per month.
The range cost for Hubspot is larger, ranging from $200-$2400 per month. Evidently, Click Dimensions is more wallet friendly.

Dynamics CRM Integration

Hubspot, despite being "all in one", is lagging in integration capabilities. There is an API provided, however, it has been shown that more time is often spent integrating than expected. Click Dimensions can be seamlessly be integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM eCommerce because it was designed specifically for it. We have years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration.

The Verdict

Click Dimensions vs HubspotThe comparison of the two have been close, but Click Dimensions has been proven to be better. Overall, it seemed Hubspot was missing a lot of useful features, which Click Dimensions had. The ease of integration was also important. Because Click Dimensions offers less complications, business solutions can be implemented much quicker. Price points also came into play. With the lower price tag on Click Dimensions, it only shows that it can provide more value to any business.


If you have any questions and would like to learn more about Click Dimensions or Hubspot, request a free consultation today.


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