Click Dimensions vs Marketo For Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A comparison on Click Dimensions vs Marketo For Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Which of the two are better?


Click Dimensions vs Marketo

Overview on Click Dimensions and Marketo

Marketo and Click Dimensions are both popular marketing automation software. Marketo is currently the second most widely used, whereas Click Dimensions has a much smaller marketshare. However, that does not mean Click Dimensions should be disregarded. Both were designed for email marketing, form capture, web tracking, and more, all to quantify consumers that have an interest in one's business so that the appropriate actions are taken. Here is a head to head comparison on which is the better of the two.

Web Tracking and Lead Scoring

Web tracking metrics include site visits, page views, form captures collected in real time, and other analytics. It is important that every visitor is tracked and that organizations are identified with an IP. All activity must ultimately be stored in the CRM website. Lead scoring is dependent on web activity and level of importance is measured. So which of the two do better? In this case, both perform really well.

Social Discovery

Social discovery is important to measure. This is because social media enables companies to build an identity and presence to extend their outreach to more leads. Both Click Dimensions and Marketo provide social post tracking, social profile data, and social sign on.
Marketo, however, is lacking in link generation, which is important on social media sites like twitter, and poll voting.
Click Dimensions has some weaknesses in this area as well. It is missing Facebook publishing capabilities and social sharing widgets.

Landing Pages and Web Forms

Both allow users to create landing pages, forms, and surveys within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Store Integration. They also provide landing page templates and web form templates. HTML knowledge is also not required for either of these, for each have drag and drop capabilities. Both are tied here.

E-Mail Marketing and Nurture Marketing

Marketo provides drip marketing, email templates, image validation, scheduled emails, and WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) email design. Marketo's nurture campaigns incorporate free form flowchart-like canvases to adaptive to customer journeys.

Click Dimensions, unfortunately, lacks all of the above which Marketo provides. In addition, Click Dimensions's nurture marketing capabilities support conditional logic and branching scenarios, however, branches only supports yes or no conditions; this is not as dynamic as Marketo's. It does have blacklist monitoring and certified email IP features, which Marketo does not have.


The cost of Click Dimensions ranges from $225-$1250 per month.
The cost for Marketo is much higher, ranging from $900-$5000 per month.

Dynamics CRM Integration

Both are can be easily integrated into a Dynamics CRM eCommerce Platform. To learn more about our experience with Microsoft Dynamics, click here.

The Verdict

Click Dimensions vs MarketoBased on the factors considered, Click Dimensions has proven to be the better choice to go with. Despite it lacking some key features, Click Dimensions not only is able to match much of the essentials, but also provide capabilities that Marketo does not have. Regarding the price range, Marketo does not have enough to justify the huge price difference.


If you have any questions and would like to learn more about Click Dimensions or Marketo, request a free consultation today.