Corporate Security and Your DotNetNuke Website

corporate security for dnn websites

If you run an enterprise or corporate website, host a corporate portal, or have a system that is managed by multiple users, then corporate security considerations like Active Directory and LDAP authentication are important. DotNetNuke leverages both. Read on for an overview of what they are, and how your DotNetNuke website will work with them.

LDAP Authentication and DotNetNuke

LDAP (the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is an authentication system that manages how people access distributed directory information services over an IP network. The user will connect to an LDAP server and send an operation request; the response will typically be an approval or denial of the request. Operation requests include: Add a new entry, delete an entry, modify an entry, search for directory entries, open or close a secure connection, abandon a previous request, and more. They can send many requests without waiting for a response.

Active Directory and DotNetNuke

Since AD is a Microsoft-built service (as is DotNetNuke), DNN integrates with AD particularly well.

One program that makes use of LDAP protocol is Active Directory. Since AD is a Microsoft-built service (as is DotNetNuke), DNN integrates with AD particularly well. It also happens to be automatically included in most Windows Sever OS’s. Active Directory works by using a domain controller to authenticate and authorize all users on a Windows domain network. This means all users on the network must log into their computers before continuing (passwords either denote an administrator or a normal user), and they are prompted to enter an administrative password before making any changes to their computer.

Corporate Security for DNN Websites

Take the weight off your mind by establishing the proper security measures for your enterprise or corporate DotNetNuke website. Let Clarity help you set up Active Directory integration with your DotNetNuke website, so that you can scale up smoothly and securely. Contact us today to learn more.


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