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eCommerce and Customized Coupons and Discounts

Drawing in shoppers with customized eCommerce coupons and discounts

Coupons and DiscountsIt is no secret that customers like a good deal, and they are much more likely to buy when a business offers them one. According to a 2014 study by Forrester Consulting and RetailMeNot, digital coupons and discount codes are most likely to influence consumer purchase decisions, beating out sales and daily deal vouchers. These digital coupons, discounts, and discount codes bring shoppers in to brick and mortar stores as well as online to eCommerce stores. Offering online discounts and coupons allows you to customize the discount to the customer while helping your business improve store loyalty and create brand awareness.

Types of eCommerce Discounts and Coupons 

The most popular type of coupon is the percentage off discount. You can use 10 and 15 percent discounts to try to get customers to buy, while still not giving up much of your profit. Any discount over 50 percent is generally used to help liquidate items, unless you have high profit margins that allow you to do that; the higher the percentage, the happier the customer. Another common discount is offering to take off so many dollars if their order total is above a certain amount. For example, Old Navy offers super cash that allows you to take $10 off for every $25 you spend. Some customers prefer this discount because it lets them know ahead of time exactly how much money they will save. Most coupons and discounts have stipulations that tell you if it’s a one-time use only and when you have to use the coupon by.

eCommerceGetting Coupons to Customers 

The main way to get the coupons to your customers is by email. An email that contains a coupon or discount is much more likely to get opened than any of the other sales and marketing emails that your business sends. Including something about the coupon in the subject line of the email alerts customers to the fact that you have sent them a coupon and keeps them from deleting the email before they even look at it. Another way to present coupons to customers is having a page for them on your website. Creating a coupon page with discount codes can help give a little push to a customer that was on the fence about buying. These types of coupons aren’t as effective as ones that are emailed because they can’t be customized to each individual customer.

Customizing Discounts and Offers 

What’s great about discounting in a robust solution like Clarity eCommerce is that you can customize and combine coupons and discounts for each of your customers or customer groups. Using Business Intelligence data that you have collected about your customers helps you create coupons that your customers will use. Tailoring your coupons to what your customer has been looking at or has purchased in the past will help you sell to them now and in the future. Tools, such as Clarity’s coupon module, make it easy for you to customize coupons and discounts to offer your customers. Variables such as expiration date, dollar or percentage discounts, product or category-specific discounting, or discounts for ordering in quantity are all adjustable in our solution. Discounts can also overlap with customer specific or tiered-pricing structures, and the way that logic works is totally up to you.

Clarity Can Help 

At Clarity, we know eCommerce. For nearly a decade, we have been creating customized business solutions for eCommerce businesses. We have helped create coupon and discounting strategies for many of our clients. Our team of expert developers has used our coupon module to create and customize discounts for our clients’ businesses. To find out more about discounting or to speak with an expert about creating your own custom coupons, call or click to contact us today!