CSS3 and Your eCommerce Website

Benefits of CSS3 for Web Development

How CSS3 is new and improved


What Is CSS3?

CSS stands for cascading style sheets; it is a computer language for creating the look and feel of a website. It is predominantly used in HTML documents, usually at the beginning of the HTML code, and is also compatible with XML documents.

CSS3 is the third version of CSS. The "3" also means that CSS3 is the third level in the progress of the CSS specification. In addition to all the functionality of older versions of CSS, CSS3 also has new capabilities that allow for a wide scope of website improvements. If you're designing an eCommerce site or any other website for your business, consider implementing CSS3.

How Is CSS3 Different?

CSS3 has some major differences compared to its predecessors. Most notable is the fact that the code is now split up into different sections called modules. Previously, CSS code was submitted as a single document. Now that modules can be worked on individually, there is a much wider range of support within the code. Instead of just adding dozens of updates into a single specification, individual updates can be applied. Here is a list of a few modules:

  • Selectors level 3

    This binds style properties to elements.

  • Aural style sheets

    This allows information to be listened to rather than just read. This can be used by the visually impaired, new readers, and more.

  • Multi-column layout

    When constructing the website, content can be displayed in multiple columns with definitions.

  • Positioned layout level 3

    This is an extended functionality of CSS2. This relates to the positioning and stacking of multiple elements.

  • Device adaptions

    This allows the author to specify the size, zoom factor, and orientation that is used.

  • Regions

    This module makes displaying content much less tricky. Regions allow content to flow in specified areas on the page rather than just within multiple elements. The flexibility is much like print media.

  • And many more!

Benefits of CSS3 For Your Website

CSS3 can greatly improve the experience of an eCommerce store. The new modules allow for great presentation with lightweight code requirements. This leads to better visuals, excellent user interfaces, greater responsiveness, and cleaner-looking pages. Aside from the visuals, CSS3 also improves load times for webpages. Not only will this allow for better desktop usage, but mobile as well, since mobile download speeds vary from consumer to consumer. 

Compatibility of multiple browsers is also important for users. Most browsers, including Internet Exporer, do not support all types of webpages; however, CSS3 is compatible with all browsers and their previous versions.

Another limitation of websites without CSS3 is the necessity of having third-party downloaded plugins for visual and audio. CSS3 eliminates that with the use of tags.

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