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B2B eCommerce Shipping and Handling Options 

Shipping options and customizations for B2B buyers and sellers

B2B ShippingWhile shipping can be complicated for B2C eCommerce, it pales in comparison to the difficulties and complexities that B2B eCommerce businesses face. From choosing the right freight carrier, to charging for the hidden handling fees, to dealing with delivering at multiple locations, B2B shipping comes with its own set of complications and issues. To help make things simpler, Clarity offers a wide range of eCommerce shipping options and integrations that can help your B2B business ship orders more easily and efficiently.

Integration is Key 

eCommerce shipping integration is the key to custom shipping. Integrating your eCommerce store with shipping providers and freight carriers makes it much easier to set up shipments and calculate costs. This is especially vital for B2B businesses, whose items can have a wide range of shipment expenses. With integration, you are able to display real time shipping costs to your customers. If you integrate with multiple carriers, you can show the prices of every carrier and let the customer choose which one they want to use.

Split Shipping to multiple locationsCustom Shipping Options

One of the more complicated eCommerce shipping options is split shipping. Split shipping allows a customer to separate their order and have the items they ordered go to multiple, different locations. This gives the customer convenience because they only have to create one order instead of a different order for each location. While it may sound complicated for the seller, with the right integrations, user interfaces, and expert development company, a split shipping option can make customers more loyal with little headache for the seller.

Automating order fulfillment can streamline processes and cut down on errors, shortening the time between order submission and delivery to the customer. If you stock your own products, you can set up a custom workflow that specifies which warehouses products or orders ship from, and then specify vendors for drop-shipping or back orders if you run out of stock. Integrated, custom shipping allows you to be much more hands off in the fulfillment process.

Small Shipments 

Many of the B2B orders your business handles might be considered "small freight" and end up being less than a truckload, or LTL. LTL shipments typically weigh between 151 and 20,000 lbs, and carriers will aggregate them with other local shipments to load on enclosed trailers. There are specific LTL carriers who specialize in handling and delivering LTL orders, and Clarity has integrated dozens of LTL carriers, which makes it easy to display and find the best prices to deliver the goods, making shipping easier for both the buyer and the seller.

handlingCustom Handling Options 

Another vital point to address is custom handling. While rarely considered in B2C, handling can make all the difference for B2B buyers and sellers. Many carriers will charge handling fees for things such as delivery notification and lift gate usage. Presenting these handling options on your order page, along with their itemized costs, lets customers choose and customize how they want their order to be handled while being informed of the exact costs.

Clarity Can Help 

Clarity Ventures is one of the leading development companies for eCommerce shipping solutions. We strive to make doing business as simple and easy as possible for business to business companies, from automated email marketing to eCommerce tracking integration. Our team of expert developers has implemented custom shipping solutions for numerous B2B clients. To find out more about custom shipping for B2B or to speak with an expert about integrating your eCommerce with shipping providers, call or click to contact us today!