Customer Service Advantages of Dynamics AX eCommerce Integration

How Integrating Dynamics AX with eCommerce Benefits Customer Service 

A Dynamics AX and eCommerce integration helps empower your customer service team

Dynamics AX integrationERP and eCommerce integration can do wonders for your business. It improves business processes, automates standard procedures, and makes all your important data available in one place, fully synchronized with other data sources. When using a powerful ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics AX, you already have a tool that can be used in all facets of your business. Integrating it with your robust eCommerce platform further advances its uses and capabilities. One area that can really benefit from a Dynamics AX and eCommerce integration is customer service. From making it easier to help fix customer issues to correcting customer orders, the integration will truly help your customer service team deliver.

Ease of Use

By integrating Dynamics AX with eCommerce, you have eliminated the need for your employees to have to learn how to use multiple line-of-business applications. The integration allows them to log onto your eCommerce dashboard and access all of the information they need, including some that would have only been found in Dynamics AX if the integration hadn’t happened. It helps your customer service team save time and energy by not having to learn both systems and enabling them to easily and quickly find the information they need, allowing them to provide more accurate and timely customer service, which we all know leads to improved customer satisfaction, sales conversions and ultimately revenue.

Resolve Issues Quickly

A Dynamics AX and eCommerce integration also provides your customer service team with numerous options and tools that help them better handle issues that customers are experiencing. For example, the integration allows team members to emulate the login of customers and see exactly what they are seeing. Being able to imitate the user helps your customer service team better understand and quickly fix any problems that your customers are having with their accounts, or take over and process orders and returns for them.

Handle Payments and Orders Better

Integrating Dynamics AX with your eCommerce lets your customer service representatives better handle payments, orders, and returns. Ordinarily, they wouldn’t have as much information and access, but with an integration, they are able to see what is in a customer’s shopping basket even before they place their order. If a customer calls to change or edit their order or has a question or uncertainty about it, the customer service agent will be able to edit their order or authorize the payment but not capture it until the customer receives it and decides whether or not it is to their liking. This can help cut down on returns and adjustments. 

The integration also helps your customer service team easily track and provide advanced shipment tracking information to your customers. Knowing precisely where their package is and when it will arrive puts customers’ minds at ease and lets them plan accordingly. Being able to supply customers with extra information leads them to become satisfied, loyal, repeat customers.

Clarity Can Help

At Clarity, we know that integration can greatly improve your business’s efficiency. Our team of development experts has helped numerous businesses integrate their ERP systems with their eCommerce platforms to help their businesses advance their processes. The integration will help everyone involved in your business, from your customer service team to your marketers to your accounting team. To find out more about integrating your eCommerce with your Dynamics AX or any other ERP system, call or click to contact us today!