Customer Service Intranet Development

If your company has decided to take the leap in intranet development, a customer service intranet might be the perfect solution to meet your organization’s needs. Whether you are looking to improve the effectiveness of your sales team, or you are aiming to increase the satisfaction of your current customers, an intranet website can suit a multitude of needs.

Improving Customer Satisfaction with a Customer Service Intranet Development

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When your team of customer service representatives are working to resolve the concerns of your clientele, it’s important for them to have quick access to the information they need to handle issues as they arise. Whether they are looking for protocol on a particular problem or they need to know the company’s policy on certain issue a customer has a question about, an intranet can quickly enable your customer service team to gain access to this information in a quick, secure manner.

Service Management through Corporate Intranets

If your business is already benefiting through the use of a sophisticated corporate intranet, it might be time to also consider adding an extended service management feature to the mix. As highlighted above, the benefits to equipping your team with customer service information in a quick and easy manner can dramatically improve not only their efficiency when dealing with matters, but also the experience of the customer in the end.

An intranet can quickly enable your customer service team to gain access to this information in a quick, secure manner.

Supported & Microsoft-Based Intranet Development

At Clarity, our team specializes in the use of Microsoft-based solutions for corporate intranets. This tried and true development background is easily customizable, secure, and trusted by developers all around. If you’re interested in incorporating the use of a complex database of information or tying information your pre-existing CRM to your intranet website, the platform is a highly recommended.

For more information on how a customer service intranet website or application could benefit your company, contact the Clarity sales team today.

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