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Making Global eCommerce Easy for International Consumers


customs duties and taxes for international enterprise e-commerceOne of the chief pain points in international eCommerce is purchase friction due to the complicated regulatory practices like customs and duties levied by each individual country.

Without an automated calculation of international taxes and duties as well as integrated online customs forms, your international business will lose a large number of foreign customers.


For International eCommerce Customers, Price and Online Checkout Process Matter


SVP of Acquity Group, Robert Barr, says that "buyers are consuming content and shopping on a wide array of devices on consumer retail sites and they’ve come to expect the same experience in their business purchasing.”
Source: Internet Retailer
Two of the most important factors that catalyse eCommerce purchases are price and the checkout process itself. If the full price, including any applicable international taxes or duties, are not shown up front during the checkout process, your customer can react negatively and your business can lose the trust you worked so hard to earn.

Similarly, your online checkout process needs to be as easy for international eCommerce customers as it is for customers in your local market. Processes such as filling out customs forms are tedious for consumers, especially if the action requires your customer to leave your website's eCommerce checkout funnel. If an integrated checkout process that includes customs forms designed for eCommerce is not implemented, you will lose sales and your customers will flock to competitor websites.


Global eCommerce Integration with Line of Business CRM and ERP Systems


Typically, there are three main questions to answer about your products before shipping internationally so as to reduce shipping delays: What is the product? From which material(s) is it made? What is the product's intended use?

With your enterprise eCommerce website integrated with LOB systems, this information can be pulled dynamically, securely, and instantaneously during the checkout process. This simple yet commonly underused application of dynamic product data can prevent headaches for both you and your international consumers when assessing taxes, customs and duties.


Clarity's International eCommerce Customs and Duties Solution


Clarity's eCommerce platform offers a convenient, automated integration of these taxes and forms into the checkout process. This reduces global buyer friction and differentiate your enterprise eCommerce website from competitors.

The benefits also apply to your organization and it's business processes as well. Redundant and inefficient tasks such as data entry and on the fly calculations of complicated pricing data can be eliminated. Clarity's eCommerce platform offers your enterprise the ability to scale globally without the headaches most companies acquire when doing so.

Clarity is trusted by and has built international web solutions for a wide variety of diverse companies ranging from Walt Disney World, Orange Octopus, LDR, and Tedopres. IF you're looking for a custom international eCommerce solution to suit the specific needs of your company or industry, call Clarity's development experts today for a free consultation!


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