Digital Transformation for Manufacturers and Distributors

Manufacturing and Distributing Digital Transformation Tips 

Changing the way your B2B business uses new technology

Digital TransformationOne of the biggest reasons that manufacturers and distributors lag behind B2C businesses when it comes to manufacturing eCommerce solutions and new technologies is their resistance to change. If something has worked in the past, why change it? For one, customer demographics and expectations change, with more customers expecting new technology such as eCommerce and mobile options. And two, changing the way your business operates can help improve efficiency and increase profits. Having your manufacturing or distributing business undergo a digital transformation isn’t just about investing in new technologies, it is about adjusting your business vision and models to better serve your digital customers and improve your digital commerce. Start by developing your digital strategy, and from there you can begin your digital transformation. 

Learn About New Technologies Being Used in Your Industry

In order to plan for a digital transformation, it is vital to first do your research. Find out what other businesses in your industry are doing and what has and hasn’t worked for them. You also need to research old and new technologies that are being employed by other businesses in your industry. Learn how they are being used and whether or not they actually benefit the business. Figuring out what new technologies you can add to aid in your digital transformation helps create a solid plan for your business’s transformation.

Digital Transformation Planning TeamCreate a Team to Develop and Plan the Digital Transformation

When planning your B2B business’s digital transformation, one of the first steps is to put together a team of your employees to discuss what needs to be modified and improved upon, and develop a plan. It is important to include people from every department of your company. This will ensure that all possible angles are looked at and covered and a variety of ideas are brought up and considered. Limiting your team to just your marketing and IT departments could wind up stunting the transformation because it would be based on a limited, skewed view and wouldn’t end up benefiting the entire business. A well rounded team ensures that your digital transformation will produce noteworthy changes.

Hire an Excellent Development Company

One of the biggest factors that will help determine if your business’s digital transformation is successful or not is the development company that you use to help put your plan into motion and develop and implement your business’s new technologies. Do your research, get recommendations and find a company that has worked with many B2B businesses before. It is extremely beneficial for your digital transformation when your development company understands the unique challenges that manufacturers, distributors and other B2B businesses face. The right development company will not only be able to make your vision a reality, they will also have helpful suggestions and tips that can make your transformation even more successful.

Clarity Can Help 

Clarity Ventures has been providing business to business companies with technological solutions for nearly a decade. Our team of expert developers is highly skilled at helping manufacturers and distributors find the right technologies for their businesses. We understand the challenges that B2B businesses face when branching into eCommerce and are there for our clients every step of the way, ensuring that they understand their new technology and are receiving all the benefits. To find out more about Clarity or to speak with a developer about your business’s plan for a digital transformation, call or click to contact us today!