DNN Enterprise/Professional Web Development and Design

dnn enterprise and dnn professional overview

Clarity chooses DotNetNuke for website development, given its ease of use and its vibrant, open-source community. The following series of articles will cover the ins and outs of DotNetNuke Professional and DotNetNuke Enterprise, two possible upgrades for the otherwise free CMS. Read on to learn when and why you should decide to upgrade, best practices for upgrading DotNetNuke, and more.

DNN Enterprise and DNN Professional Features

If you’re a larger organization or have multiple content contributors for your website, then DNN Enterprise Edition or DNN Professional are both great options. Features include:

  •  A Microsoft Sharepoint Connector, which allows for secure document management and publishing within Sharepoint  
  • Mobile optimized menus, a mobile device content previewer, and a mobile website template 
  • An eCommerce engine, which supports Paypal and Authorize.Net payments 
  • An advanced content approval process 
  • Simplified user management through Site Groups   
  • Windows Azure and Amazon S3 support 

DotNetNuke Web Development and Design

There is a vast community surrounding DotNetNuke, and support is never far away.

Whether you choose DNN Community, DNN Enterprise, or DNN Professional, web development and design with DotNetNuke has several advantages. First, its ease of use means your developers can work quickly and efficiently, keeping your web development costs low. Additionally, there is a vast community surrounding DotNetNuke, and support is never far away.

DotNetNuke Web Development Company

ASP.Net development is the best coding language for keeping up with the rapid changes of the web development sphere. And Clarity’s developers are constantly advancing right alongside it, researching new tools and advancing their new knowledge. To compete in a cutting-edge market, you need cutting-edge developers. Contact Clarity today to get started.


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