DotNetNuke Evoq Development in Azure Cloud


evoq dotnetnuke dnn with windows azureThere were some big changes this month. DotNetNuke Corporation is now DNN software, and DotNetNuke is now DNN Evoq. DNN has revitalized its platform and in doing so, has added many features that will benefit the companies that use the platform.


One of these features is the move "to the cloud" with Windows Azure. DNN Evoq will, of course, still be offered as an on premise solution. But this new offering gives businesses the opportunity to make the move to Azure if they so choose. This will remove the obligation of maintenance and stress that comes with hosting your own solution.

Evoq Development & Consultants

Of course, as a DNN Partner, Clarity is always in front of these changes and our team is beginning to use these new solutions for our Clients. As consultants, our instinct is to suggest the best solutions for each and every project. This means that while not every project will need a cloud instance, the ones that do will have this great option for their business.

Clarity provides 360 degree support for our Clients, taking the worry out of every step in the process of website development

While most front end development will be exactly the same no matter how the DNN Evoq instance is hosted, back end and IT management is definitely different. Clarity provides 360 degree support for our Clients, taking the worry out of every step in the process of website development. Our developers have a combined 300+ years of development experience, and many have worked in the Microsoft stack for their entire careers. This strong foundation of development staff has been a crucial part of Clarity's quality, success, and growth as a company.

Windows Azure Cloud Benefits for DNN Evoq

Hosting DNN in the cloud has many benefits, including:

  • Faster and better performance that reduces downtime
  • Increased scalability
  • Reliability of the Microsoft framework

Bringing your website onto the cloud with DNN Evoq is a great move for many businesses. Better site speed and scalability, with less worry and stress from hosting and managing in house adds up to a great new product from DNN.

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