DNN Intranet Reduces Costs

What is an Intranet?

intranet is a computer network that uses internet protocol technology to share internal files, operational systems, or computing services internally within an organization. Different from the internet, a network between multiple organizations, and instead refers to a unified network within a sole organization. Intranet solutions are built on frameworks, and the DotNetNuke (DNN) framework can be used to provide a perfect Intranet solution for any business.

Benefits of a DNN Intranet

Clarity uses DNN to integrate with other web technology toolsToday, most modern businesses adopt intranet technology due to its numerous competitive advantages. A DNN Intranet can encompass business applications, social features, and integrations to other tools. Besides encouraging a paperless office, organized intranet systems can enhance communication, save time, improve security, and of course, reduce business costs.

Enhancing Communication

Clarity Intranet helps improve corporate communicationWhether an organization maintains communication via email, Google Docs, HipChat, Wiki Pages, or Asana, messages will always slip through the cracks. Connecting and coordinating internal memos, messages, and more is usually an organizations’ biggest hurdle. An intranet portal covers multiple bases and can provide discussion groups, bulletin boards, and specialized forms. This results in more unified communication and creates a sound relationship between multiple departments. Whether you’re managing multiple projects or wanting to post an internal sales protocol, intranets can boost your communication.

Saving Time

Clarity Intranet sames your company time and moneyTime is money. Intranet technology gives organizations the ability to distribute pertinent information on the fly. This fast and effective manner can make or break deals. Interactivity within an office, plus the ability for employees to access information at their preferred times, helps keep initiatives transparent throughout teams.

Improving Security

Clarity Intranet on DNN improves security and accessDNN’s security model makes it possible to manage and control user permissions. This functionality allows people to view, add, edit, and delete Portals, Pages and Content. Depending on which business applications a company are running, roles can be defined within that context as well. Windows Forms based authentication and Microsoft Active Directory help ensure staff views content within their scope.

Reducing Costs

Clarity Intranet provides access to employees from any deviceCorporate training, administrative and operational purposes can be a burden on any business. Luckily, intranets help employees access this information from their respective workstations. In addition to streamlining information throughout the team, documents are now electronic. Printing documents and
distribution costs are a thing of the past with intranet help.

Clarity, DNN Intranet Expert

Clarity uses DNN to build custom Intranet PortalsDNN intranet portals make lasting positive impacts to any team or organization. Clarity helps organizations like Delaney Hardware, a leader in providing quality hardware, securely tackle business objectives and increase employee satisfaction. The DNN platform helps Delaney provide 401k information to communicating respective client pricing models. A Clarity consultant can educate you on how your team can benefit from an intranet solution. Knowledge is power.

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