Custom Mobile Modules and Redirect Benefits in EasyDNN


Just like responsive skins, certain DotNetNuke modules are optimized for mobile use. Below are a few examples of Clarity’s favorite mobile DNN modules.

DNN Smart Mobile DNN

DNN Smart Mobile DNN was designed to provide the same ease an functionality for content editing as regular DNN modules. Users can add pages, content, DNN standard settings, and call other modules on the site. The only difference is that when mobile users access the site, the module will display a UI that is much more accessible for mobile users. You can also add Accordian and FooterLinks functions.

EasyDNN Mobile Redirect

Upon detection, EasyDNN Mobile Redirect will send each device to their own specified URL.

This is one of the simplest ways you can redirect your DNN website to your desired landing page, depending on the device used to access the website. The module can detect iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian OS devices. Upon detection, EasyDNN Mobile Redirect will send each device to their own specified URL.

DNN Advanced Business Directory

This module allows any user to create a business directory, and it’s all based on the DotNetNuke framework. There are nine modules total, all of which allow for a friendly UI and mobile features. Hosting relevant directories can be a wonderful, and underutilized, way to generate traffic. An example of a directory a user may consider making might be a list of local entertainment venues or restaurants on a government website, or a job search directory on a B2B/industry website. This module makes it easy to build mobile-friendly directories.

If your website requires a mobile module that doesn’t exist yet, don’t worry. Just contact us today and we’ll help you build the perfect custom mobile module for your business!


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