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At Clarity Ventures, we provide manageable solutions for businesses of any size. The DotNetNuke platform is extremely simple to use and easy for users to navigate. After customizing your platform with a branded theme, you can add and edit your own content to your site at any time to increase efficiency and allow for better content management.

Using DotNetNuke for e-Commerce WebsitesAdding New Content to Your DotNetNuke eCommerce Websites

Once your DotNetNuke website is up and running, you can access many different tools that will allow you to format the content that you have created for the web. The first thing that you will need to do is log in to your DotNetNuke installation as a superuser. After this step is complete, you can access the Modules section (located on the control bar) to add new content. You will see a number of different content options, and you should select the right module depending on the type of content that you want to add. Once you have selected the appropriate module, you will need to choose a ‘Pane.’ This will determine where the content will be displayed on your website. After that, you just need to title your work and click ‘Add.’

Editing Content in DotNetNuke

The content in your modules can be edited anytime that you see fit. With eCommerce websites, it is a good idea to measure how effective your content is so that you can make changes or promote certain articles within your website. After you are logged in to your superuser account on DNN, choose the Edit button in the top left to turn on Edit mode. You will be able to then access an ‘action menu’ located in the top left corner. This will allow you to access the specific content that you want to edit and publish the changes to your site.

DotNetNuke – Preferred Content Management System for eCommerce Websites

Managing eCommerce websites with DotNetNuke is simple and effective.

Managing eCommerce websites with DotNetNuke is simple and effective. You can easily incorporate all of the content that you need in your website with just a few steps, and this allows you to continuously update your site to increase productivity and drive more traffic and sales.

At Clarity Ventures, we will create a professionally designed website with this platform, and we will show you step-by-step how to manage your content so that you can continue to manage your website after the web design and development is complete. Your website is your business’s image to the world. With a professional design, simple navigation controls, and seamless management systems, you can promote your business and increase productivity with the help of our eCommerce experts.

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