DotNetNuke Integration with Enterprise Interactive Portals

Build Your CRM System Into DNN

Clarity | DNN integration with CRM system, Dotnetnuke CRM system integrations developmentBecause of its ease of use, open-source nature, and customizable features, DotNetNuke is the CMS of choice for the majority of Clarity clients. So, how can you integrate an Microsoft Dynamics CRM eCommerce Platform into a powerful DotNetNuke-based website? Additionally, how will this benefit your business and sales from your enterprise eCommerce platform? Read on for an overview.


The Best CRM System for DotNetNuke Integration

Because DotNetNuke is Microsoft-based, the most intuitive eCommerce Dynamics CRM integration will, naturally, be Microsoft-based too. Any CRM system can integrate with DNN, but .Net-based systems will be easiest, rendering the cheapest development cost. A system like Microsoft Dynamics can integrate with DotNetNuke via custom modules, creating a powerful system of communication between website and CRM system.

DNN and Interactive CRM Portals

Any CRM system can integrate with DNN, but .Net-based systems will be easiest, rendering the cheapest development cost.

When you integrate Microsoft CRM eCommerce closely to a DotNetNuke public-facing website, you can create a CRM system that interacts - via the site - directly with your clients and customers. What this means is that you can automatically track interactions and manage relationships in your CRM system, as they’re happening on your website. Other features and benefits include: automatic or recurring billing, automated invoice emails, role-based security, automatic end-user notification, bulk email integration, and much more.


Technologies Used to Integrate a DotNetNuke Website with CRM

Clarity | Dotnetnuke cms integration, ecommerce crm integration dnnThe technologies used to integrate DotNetNuke with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM eCommerce system involve various custom modules, .Net programming, and C# programming. You will also need a Microsoft CRM SDK to communicate with your server. Clarity has extensive experience with CRM integration and DotNetNuke. Contact a Clarity integration expert today for help.