Drupal vs. WordPress: Which CMS is Best?

Which Content Management System is Best for Your Business?

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ComputerWordPress and Drupal are two of the most common content management systems (CMS). Both of them are based on PHP and are free to download and use. They both have customizable layouts and backgrounds that can be modified to best suit your company’s needs and create the right image for your business. While WordPress and Drupal are both great content management systems, each have their own unique set of advantages.



WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems because it is so simple to use. WordPress is geared towards beginners and is very non developer friendly. Clients that are new to having their own website find it easy to learn and use. Since WordPress has a large community using it, there are numerous tutorials to help if you have any questions or issues with your site. WordPress works best for blogs, smaller marketing websites, and websites that are heavy in content. WordPress provides numerous widgets and plugins to enhance your website. In order to make WordPress more SEO friendly, a plugin should probably be used. Since WordPress is a popular CMS, it is also popular with hackers. Security can be an issue with WordPress which means that a security plugin will be needed to help keep your site secure. If you are looking for a simple, easy to use CMS, WordPress is the best option.

 Drupal Drupal

Drupal is a less popular content management system than WordPress because of Drupal’s complexity. Since Drupal is open source, it can be easily customized by a web developer. However, most people who aren't web developers have a hard time using and learning Drupal. While more difficult to use, Drupal is more customizable than WordPress. Similar to WordPress’ plugins, Drupal has modules that can be used to enhance your website. Drupal is able to handle exceptionally large websites with thousands of pages. It is designed to be very SEO friendly. Drupal is also more secure that WordPress. It requires more technical expertise to use but is also capable of producing websites that are far more advanced. Drupal is more stable than WordPress, and capable of handling a large number of users at once. If you are looking for a complex and sophisticated CMS, Drupal is the best choice.

 Which CMS Should You Use?

When choosing the right design platform for your business, it is best to focus on your company’s needs. WordPress provides simplicity, while Drupal provides power. If you are a smaller business looking to do some marketing or start a blog, then WordPress is probably the way to go. If you need a more elaborate complex site, Drupal may be the right option. Both are great platforms, but each work best for different uses. Our team at Clarity has experience customizing both WordPress and Drupal sites for our clients.

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