Dynamics CRM eCommerce Integration with Clarity eCommerce


How to Leverage a Dynamics CRM eCommerce Integration

Clarity integrates Dynamics eCommerceMany organizations that have an existing Dynamics CRM 4.0, CRM 2011, CRM 2013 or even a Dynamics 365 instance in place need an integrated eCommerce solution. Typically, the thought process for integrating CRM to eCommerce involves optimization and automation of processes. By automating processes that would otherwise be manual, organizations improve the underlying timelines for things like inventory stock quantities, multi-tiered pricing, product availability, shipping estimates & options, promotions, marketing updates, related or similar items, etc.

Clarity’s eCommerce platform integrated to Dynamics CRM helps clients achieve significant overhead reduction and improvement turnaround timelines. Additionally, the service quality levels skyrocket instead of manual or possibly less optimized processes. Clients love the final outcome.


ROI for eCommerce to Dynamics CRM Integration

Clarity improves ROI for eCommerce DynamicsAcross 6 continents, CPAmerica has a significant membership base of Certified Public Accounts. Their customer base requires significant service and product/normalization. CPA's services vary from requests to other members for "how to solve this type of issue" to expansive events and webinars coordinating resources from around the world. The CPA team has service offerings that require a highly automated, tightly integrated system that brings automated processes to tolerate with manual human confirmations or selections at the appropriate steps.

Due to the nature of this semi-automated model, CPAmerica’s products and options to purchase for event registrations, webinars, or requests are all routed and tracked through their Dynamics CRM system. Previously, the tracking and entry for these records were sparse or limited due to the lack of integration to the customer facing request or purchase/checkout areas. The workflow was broken. After connecting with Clarity, CPAmerica established a clear plan to deliver a solution that automates as much of the process as possible and intelligently notifies CPAmerica team members when a manual interaction is optimal or required.


MS Dynamics CRM & eCommerce Integration Results

Clarity integrates Dynamics CRMClarity helped CPAmerica enable end users and customers visiting their website to tie their actions automatically back to their Dynamics CRM platform. Specifically, a request for communication around the globe or to select members regarding a specific topic is now optimized. This optimization is a completely automated fashion that removes hours of time the CPAmerica support staff would have otherwise spent auditing, confirming, and ensuring the requests. In addition, the event registration and planning/tracking of participants now involves few updates to CRM. Previously, there was a multi-step process requiring the team to manually update in multiple places thus introducing significant timeline lags.


Clarity's eCommerce & Dynamics Expertise

Clarity's eCommerce integration to Dynamics CRM allows the CPAmerica team to dynamically showcase their offerings, and generate significant ROI. With over 600+ successful projects completed, Clarity has a fantastic track record, and we’re happy to help grow your team! Please contact a Clarity consultant for a free conversation to learn how we can work together.