Dynamics GP eCommerce Integration

Integrating Dynamics GP with eCommerce 

An eCommerce and Dynamics GP integration brings big benefits for your business

A Dynamics GP and eCommerce integration helps improve workflow efficiency, monitor inventory and sales, and get the most out of your ERP software.

Dynamics GPDynamics GP 

Microsoft Dynamics GP is Microsoft’s second most deployed ERP software solution. This business solution helps businesses manage their resources, employees and sales with ease. 

Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that is best suited for small to midsized businesses. It is full of various series and modules that can help organize your business, such as financial management, business intelligence and reporting, and supply chain management. With the power of Microsoft behind it, Dynamics GP can help your employees and your business work more efficiently.

Integrating Dynamics GP with eCommerce 

  • Utilize eConnect- eConnect is a set of tools provided by Microsoft to help businesses integrate the software and websites with Dynamics GP. 

  • Employ Clarity Connect- Our middleware solution, Clarity Connect, is a robust integration layer that communicates with eConnect to serve as a communication hub between the integrated software and platform. 

  • Use SSL- Secure socket layers are used for data transfers between the integrated technologies to ensure that data remains secure when it is being transferred. 

  • Automate- Automated data transfers result from integration, eliminating the need for manual rekeying. 

  • Share Important Data- Integration enables data to be shared between the two systems, allowing better reporting, analytics, and sales tracking. 

  • Present Up to Date Information- Integrating eCommerce with Dynamics GP allows you to show your employees and customers real time information on sales and inventory. 

Dynamics GP and eCommerce integrationTo help businesses get the most out of their Dynamics GP and eCommerce integration, Clarity uses eConnect and Clarity Connect. eConnect, which is made by Microsoft, provides tools to help make integration between Dynamics GP and various other systems and software eaiser. eConnect includes a large number of integration points that help enable interactions between Dynamics GP and other business systems. Clarity then uses our robust middleware layer, Clarity Connect, as a queue and communication hub. It is attached to both software and platform to help facilitate data transfers by storing and sending the data from one technology to the other until it is successfully received. 

An integration between a robust ERP software like Dynamics GP and your eCommerce platform can help your business operate better, your employees work smarter, and your customers shop easier. Automated data transfers that are the result of integration relieve your employees of the chore of manual rekeying, giving them time to do more productive work and removing the risk of keying the wrong numbers because of human error. Being able to show your customers the most up to date inventory numbers allows them to make better, more informed decisions when buying from you online. Using data and numbers from both systems when analyzing your sales and business productivity gives you a more accurate picture of your business. Integrating your Dynamics GP with eCommerce benefits everyone that is involved in your business.

Why Clarity


Our team of developers has decades of combined experience creating custom business solutions for B2B and B2C businesses. 


Clarity has performed numerous successful eCommerce integrations with Microsoft software. In fact, Clarity is a Microsoft partner which means we have expertise in Microsoft software and better tools to help implement and integrate Microsoft business solutions. 

Advanced Technology 

Clarity doesn’t just implement robust technologies, we develop them too. Clarity eCommerce, Clarity’s eCommerce platform, is extremely flexible and extensible, which makes it ideal for any size eCommerce business. Clarity’s middleware solution, Clarity Connect, is an advanced integration platform and communication hub that can connect multiple systems, platforms, or software. Our technology can be easily customized to fit your needs. 

Custom Solutions

At Clarity, we go to great lengths to learn about your business before implementing a solution or integration. We want to ensure that we do everything possible to customize your solution and make it work the way you need it to work for your business. If you have a specific need or requirement, we make sure that your custom solution will be able to satisfy it. 

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