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Customer Benefits of Dynamics GP and eCommerce Integration

How a Dynamics GP and eCommerce integration increases customer satisfaction

Customer satisfactionA customer’s satisfaction is one of the leading indicators of whether or not they will be purchasing from your business again. Did they find what they were looking for? Did their order come on time? Did your eCommerce business provide them with excellent customer support? A number of factors can play into customer satisfaction, some that are in your control and some that aren’t. One of the ways to capitalize on the factors that you are able to control is to integrate your Dynamics GP software with your eCommerce site. Doing so will provide you and your employees with tools that can help you better serve your customers.

Up to the Minute Information

One of the biggest benefits of integrating your eCommerce with Microsoft Dynamics GP is having accurate, up to date information across all of your systems. When product is bought by customers on your eCommerce site, your inventory is automatically updated in your Dynamics GP software to reflect the purchase(s). Having up to the minute inventory count helps ensure that you never sell product that you don’t have, a situation that could lead to an unhappy customer. Up to date inventory count also helps customers, especially B2B buyers, make better decisions about what to order and when. Having accurate and current inventory level data gives your customers the information they need, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

Customer SupportCustomer Support

A Dynamics GP and eCommerce integration can provide your customer support team with more tools and information that will help them better assist customers. Instead of having to search multiple software or systems to find the customer data they are looking for, the customer support team will be able to access all the pertinent information from one system, thanks to the integration. When a customer calls in asking about their order, your team will be able to quickly find the customer’s order information and pass it on to the customer. Providing a quick, easy, and informative customer support experience can definitely improve customer satisfaction.

Self Service 

Sometimes customers are most content when they are able to just help themselves. A Dynamics GP and eCommerce integration makes it easier for your eCommerce business to let your customers self serve and find the information they are looking for without having to call customer support. By integrating Dynamics GP and your eCommerce site, customer data and information can be easily transferred from Dynamics to eCommerce when it is called for. So when a customer logs onto their account on your website, they will be able to access their order history and status as well as tracking information about any orders that are being shipped. Being able to get this information anytime they want satisfies the customer while saving your customer support team time and energy.

Clarity Can Help 

For nearly a decade, Clarity Ventures has been performing custom integrations for our clients. Being a Microsoft partner, Clarity is especially skilled at integrating Microsoft Dynamics software with eCommerce and other business solutions. Our team of experts has helped numerous B2B and B2C businesses improve efficiency and customer satisfaction by integrating their ERP systems with their eCommerce sites. To find out more how integrating Dynamics GP with eCommerce can benefit your business or to discuss integrating your eCommerce with Dynamics GP, call or click to contact us today!