Dynamics GP eCommerce Integration Security Best Practices

Security for Dynamics CRM and eCommerce Integration

A four-part overview on security, redundancy, and performance

Security Best Practices

Security means more than just protection, and it's merely a component in a complex system. If security fails or has poor effectiveness, overall business will decline and recovery will be tough. So what do you do?

For high security, scope all information that goes in and out. All data transmission should come from a known, identified, and external system; only your system should be able to access internal data. Here are steps for scoping your data:

Doing this enables administrators to strategically segment up security without costly changes to network infrastructure or applications. By isolating an IP address, an additional layer of policy-driven security is created, which helps better protect against costly network attacks that can ruin data, prevent unauthorized access to trusted networked resources, achieve regulatory compliance, and reduce operational costs.

This is important because it encrypts sensitive information so that only the recipient can understand it. This is important because information travels to various spots before arriving at the destination server. Any spot in between the data source and the server is vulnerable for theft if it is not encrypted.

Your interal system should have a username, password, and secure key. This will be unique to specific users andis great for protection and tractability.

More is better. An increased number of layers of security naturally means that it is harder to breach. Our Clarity integration layer and your Dynamics GP sit behind the firewall of your company’s site. Any sort of undesirable transmission is filtered and protected by the firewall. This protects sensitive information from theft and safeguards against viruses that couldthe website itself.

  • Isolate to a specific IP address

  • Make sure transmission of data is over SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

  • Have authentication

  • Multiple layers of security

If you are not well prepared, you are highly prone to security breaches. As an eCommerce site, security quality is key to your company's success; aside from business information, customer information must be protected. Having high level security offers more than just protection; it also brings trust and growth to your business.

Microsoft Dynamics GP integration Experts Best Practices Part 4

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