Dynamics SL eCommerce Integration

Integrating Dynamics SL with eCommerce 

A Dynamics SL and eCommerce integration betters your business

Integrating Dynamics SL with eCommerce allows you to better control your project driven business and improve accuracy and efficiency.

Dynamics SLDynamics SL

Microsoft Dynamics SL is an ERP solution for midsized businesses who are project centric. It can help your company handle project management, organization and accounting.

Dynamics SL (formerly known as Solomon) is Microsoft’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for small to medium sized businesses whose main work is projects. Stocked with tools that help businesses budget, analyze finances, track project progress, and estimate costs, Dynamics SL is the right solution for companies that want to streamline their processes and devote more time to completing projects and providing their services.

Integrating eCommerce with Dynamics SL

  • Employ the Solomon Object API- Clarity uses Microsoft’s Solomon Object API to integrate Dynamics SL with eCommerce. 

  • Use Clarity Connect- Clarity Connect, Clarity’s middleware platform, assist with the integration by storing and sending data from one system to the other until it is successful transmitted. 

  • Utilize SSL- When performing an integration Clarity arranges for data to be transferred over SSL to keep data secure. 

  • Automate Data Transmissions- Having data automatically transmitted between systems eliminates the time, energy and resources needed to manually rekey data. 

  • Share Valuable Information- Integration between Dynamics SL and eCommerce allows you to share and use important information that can help you make better business decisions. 

  • Edit Data from One System- Integration allows you to make changes to information in your Dynamics SL software which will then be updated in your eCommerce platform and vice versa. 

Integrating Dynamics SL with eCommerceIn order to successfully create a working integration, the right tools need to be employed. Provided by Microsoft, the Solomon Object API contains tools to help easily integrate Dynamics SL with any platform or system, including eCommerce. To further enhance the integration, Clarity uses our middleware solution, Clarity Connect, which serves as a queue and communication hub, storing and transmitting data between Dynamics SL and eCommerce. It stores the data until it can successfully be sent and received by the receiving system. 

A Dynamics SL and eCommerce integration can benefit your business by saving your team time and energy. An integration allows for all of your data to stay accurate, up to date, and identical across all platforms. When a piece of data is updated in your eCommerce platform, it is then automatically update in your Dynamics SL. The automated data transfers not only guarantee correct information, they also save your staff valuable time. They can then use that time to do something more productive such as working on revenue generating projects.

Why Clarity 


With decades of combined experience helping businesses with their eCommerce and software needs, our developers know what it takes to integrate Dynamics SL with eCommerce. 


Clarity has completed numerous Dynamics SL deployments and integrations for our clients. We are a Microsoft partner which means our developers are well versed in Microsoft technologies and have the tools needed to help Microsoft products work for your needs. 

Exceptional Technology 

At Clarity we don’t just implement technology, we also build it. Clarity eCommerce, Clarity’s eCommerce platform, can handle any size business and is flexible enough to fit almost any business need. Clarity Connect, Clarity’s middleware solution, can help integrate and serve as a communication hub for multiple software and systems, making it easy for you to integrate all of your business systems. 

Effective Solutions 

All businesses, not matter if they are b2b or b2c, have their own unique business needs. This is why Clarity will never try to just give you a cookie cutter integration or solution. We take the time to learn about your business and provide you with a customized solution that will best suit your needs. 

To learn more about how Clarity performs Dynamics SL and eCommerce integrations or to request a quote, call or click to contact us today!


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