eBay Integration and eCommerce Channel Integration

ebay website integration

If you have an eBay store and also have or are considering building your own eCommerce website, you probably have some questions about how these two can work together. The answers are in specialized eBay-eCommerce website integration, a service that Clarity offers to Clients that need to pull in products and/or order management from their eBay store.

eBay Store Integration Features

  • Cross and upsell other products on site and within checkout
  • Integrate your CRM to manage order and bidder information
  • Delivery of online items through live-rate quotes with USPS, FedEx, DHL and UPS
  • Compatibility with QuickBooks and other leading accounting products

Other eBay Integration Features

Product Syndication allows you to pull in data from your source (eBay) quickly and easily. The method Clarity's integration follows avoids duplication of data issues and ensures that all of your database fields get ported correctly.

Order Management allows your business to take orders from multiple channels, but keep them organized in the system you choose (eBay or website). This can also be backed up on the Clarity eCommerce side if need be.

Inventory Sychronization gives you the peace of mind that all of your systems are working in sync and up-to-date. Whether you work with an ERP or product management tool, inventory can be updated automatically in order to keep the website updated and avoid selling products that are no longer in stock.

Centralized Customer Data is a huge asset to a business that sells via multiple channels. Organizing this order and customer data in one place keeps your systems on track, but also allows for easy export later into CRMs or otherwise.

Shipping Integration for eBay Orders

With proper shipping integration tied into your eCommerce store, your shopping cart can serve more customers, in more locations, and keep everyone (including you and your staff) happy. Clarity can integrate shipping logistics from the following providers:

International eBay Selling

Many online businesses and eBay stores market to an international audience, and for good reason. In 2005, the amount of online users in developing markets was less than 50%. In 2015, that number should be 75%. However, to take advantage of this growing customer base your store needs to accomodate in certain parts of the buying process.

currency conversion for ebay integrationCurrency Conversion

Of course, most countries aren't using the American dollar, and your store must calculate the conversion in currency in order to provide them a relevant price and something they can pay for.

tax rate calculation for ebay integrationTax Rates & Fees Calculation

Just like currency, different countries require tax rates and fees calculation in a lot of cases. No matter the payment processing system you'd like to use, this can be accounted for and made easy for your users to buy from you no matter where they are in the world.

international inventory management for ebay integrationInternational Inventory Management

International business introduces new variables in supply chain integration. This includes lead time for product preparation if special labels need to be generated, longer shipping delivery times, and other considerations. This can all be accounted for in your ERP integration or systems integration with eBay.

If you're looking for help integrating your eBay store to your eCommerce website or other systems, contact us today. A consultant is waiting to speak with you and you can fill out the form below or give us a call at 800.928.8160.