eCommerce and Website Bounce Rate Optimization

Why is Bounce Rate Optimization Important?


Today, eCommerce websites, and websites in general, have increasingly become a prevalent marketing avenue. Due to the continued growth for eCommerce, and compounded growth across the industry, there is an ever present need for continual optimization for both the end user as well as business reporting. Bounce rate optimization is a key measure of a user's ability and desire to continue using a site; and to quickly be able to find what they intended to from the site.

Bounce rate optimization, the process of making your users stay on your website as long as possible, ensures the site offering receives the best coverage from both users and search engines. If a user can’t find the product details, website offering/services, or information they need, then any a “gap” in the optimization funnel appears.

How to Improve eCommerce Bounce Rate and Website Content Optimization

Bounce rate optimization can be broken into on-page and off-page elements. The combination of increasing performance and site load speed focus, lowered hardware costs, and CDN (Content Delivery Network) utilities make it considerably easier for eCommerce websites to run fasters and load within 1-2 seconds (if not faster). Industry titan,, has found that a 100 millisecond or 0.1 second page load time improvement results in a 1% revenue increase. This site performance metric across the industry means if a site doesn’t meet or exceed these load metrics, they will typically results in a bounce due to “off-page” performance “issues.”

In addition to off-page bounce rate optimization, on-page optimization is vitally important. On-page optimization is the UI (User Interface), ease of use, intuitiveness, and overall ability for a user to quickly “know” how to use the site. Studies show when you follow standard on-page/UI optimization best practices, they typically result in double digit improvement to conversion and thus "unbouncing" a visitor.

In fact, a complete discipline around conversion rate optimization strategies exists with the following as some of the standard areas of focus for A/B and multivariate testing and reporting models:






Shape (of call-to-action buttons, for example)

Proximity (grouping related elements on the page)

Contrast (of the color scheme)





Fields (types of questions you ask in a form, for example)

Confidence building

Improving Your Bounce Rate Optimization

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