eCommerce Benefits from Search Indexing PDFs

Utilizing PDF and OCR'd Content in an eCommerce Website

Clarity is an expert at helping organizations maximize their technological capacities. Taking advantage of PDF and OCR'd content can greatly enhance your search index optimization. Below, we have two stories from our clients Parts for Heating and AirBorn. Both of these teams partnered with Clarity to solve problems, conquer business objectives, and enhance their web presence.


Parts4Heating supples you with the highest quality OEM parts. They help the makers of heating boilers, pool heaters, water heaters, and furnaces. 
The Parts4Heating team has a complex business model where they provide replacement parts for heaters that may not be in production. Typically, these heaters are circa 1940s, 1950s, 1960, etc. and thus the documentation, manuals, technical specifications, etc. are not readily available. However, there is a significant volume of need for these parts as multi-thousand dollar heaters, pumps and other highly specialized products are no longer in production or supported by the original manufacturer. The ability for the Clarity and Parts for Heating teams to "turn on" additional relevant content through the PDFs and OCR'd documents provided a significant search boost to seekers.

This enabled the Parts 4 Heating team to run software that the Clarity team provided and add otherwise missing parts, and missing part associations, into their online catalog and search utilities. In fact, the Clarity team enabled a complex OCR platform that brought in bill of lading for the different older lines of products and thus enabled site visitors to search and easily identify the parts that are synonymous with the parts they need (in other words since the original manufacturer is no longer producing the parts, the synonymous parts are necessary as there may be different part numbers for the same physical piece of equipment).

AirBorn, Inc

AirBorn is a full-service global electronic interconnect manufacturer, electronic contract manufacturer and electronic distributor, that is focused on serving customers requiring the highest reliability through innovative solutions.
irBorn’s business model delivers custom electronics connectors for highly sensitive applications in medical, space and military applications. Due to the complex, extremely delicate nature, and need for virtually 100% reliability, the components of the connectors are specialized for the environment in which they will be deployed. For instance, in a space application, the fact that the electronic connector may be exposed to temperature variations on the order of hundreds of degrees on a consistent basis requires the use and availability of materials that will sustain and enable continued use of the connectors in these extreme applications. As a result, the AirBorn product line was extremely customizable and resulted in trillions of product option variations. This scenario made it very confusing for site visitors to identify useful explanations of the parts and thus typically meant a human interaction was required.

Despite the overabundance of variations, the combined OCR and PDF data imports into the eCommerce and website product catalog system helped dynamically produce data that was easily searchable and well organized. This is because a PDF contains a flat, non-relational set of data and proper OCR techniques will allow extraction of the data and importing the data based on a OCR template to pull in category, category description, product and product options from the OCR'd PDFs.

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