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Key Features of an eCommerce Customer Feedback Solution 

Selecting a customer feedback solution for your eCommerce business

Customer FeedbackWhen running any type of business, customer feedback is crucial. For an eCommerce business, it is especially important to employ a customer feedback solution because they don’t have an in-person sales associates who can asks how their shopping experience was and if they found everything okay. Customer feedback solutions help you understand what your customers think about your business, what they feel you can improve upon, and what they would like to see from your eCommerce store. Below are some features to look for when selecting an eCommerce customer feedback solution for your web store.

Mobile Friendly 

When selecting an eCommerce customer feedback solution, look for one that works well on both desktop and mobile devices. Statistics show that close to half of all your site visits could come from mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. Your feedback solution needs to be able to offer mobile friendly feedback solutions such as responsive surveys and text messaging surveys that enable your customers to give you feedback no matter what device they are viewing your site from.

CustomersForwards Feedback to the Right People 

Your eCommerce customer feedback solution also needs to be able to send specific customer feedback to the department that will best be able to handle it or learn from it. If a customer provides feedback that says they have noticed your product reviews aren’t being displayed right, that information can be automatically forwarded to your IT or development department to ensure that the feedback is used and the issue is resolved quickly.

Lets Customers Know They’re Heard 

In order to encourage customers to keep providing feedback, you need to let them know that they have been heard and are thankful for them taking the time to fill out a survey or provide you with feedback. The solution that you choose needs to send an automated thank you message. If your eCommerce business uses that customers and others feedback to make an adjustment or change, then you should also send a message letting those customers know that their feelings and opinions were heard used to help improve the business.

Feedback FormatOffers a Variety of Feedback Formats 

Another aspect to look for when choosing a feedback solution is a multitude of feedback formats. You want one that gives you the options of sending out surveys via email, conducting surveys directly on your site, and providing comment and feedback boxes on some, if not all, of your site’s pages. The solution should also allow you to set up the surveys however you want, whether you want to have open ended questions, rating scales, multiple choice questions, or just blank spaces where customers can tell you things that you didn’t even think to ask about.

Easy to Integrate 

The customer feedback solution that you select needs to be able to integrate with your analytics, business intelligence, CRM, and other business software. Being able to have all of that information in one place helps you make better, more informed business decisions and connect the dots about issues that your business or customers are experiencing. The feedback may help explain why certain analytics aren’t where you want them to be and can help you gauge whether or not changes you made because of the feedback benefited your business or not.

Clarity Can Help 

At Clarity, we know how vital customer feedback is for your eCommerce business. Our team of experts has worked with numerous eCommerce clients to help them implement the right customer feedback solution for their businesses and use that information to better their businesses and eCommerce stores. To find out more about eCommerce customer feedback solutions or to speak with an expert about find the right feedback solution for your business, call or click to contact us today!