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Advice on eCommerce Marketing Automation

Six places where marketing automation can make a difference

email and marketing automationEmail and marketing automation is an excellent tool for eCommerce businesses of all sizes. It enables businesses to easily communicate with subscribers and customers while getting to know them on a deeper level. Marketing automation helps send the right messages to your customers at the right time. From sending personalized messages with tailored content to lead nurturing, marketing and email automation can truly revolutionize the way that you do business. Below are six areas where marketing and email automation can get you your greatest return on investment.

Welcome New Customers and Subscribers Right

Marketing and email automation helps you welcome your new subscribers or customers as soon as they sign up. Creating a welcome campaign for new potential customers helps you quickly provide them with information about your business, products and promotions. One of the welcome emails could also include a promotional discount for signing up, encouraging them to buy from your business while providing you with key information and the type(s) of products that they are interested in.

Use Geo-Targeting to Market Your Business and Products

Combining two powerful marketing tools, email automation and geo-targeting, can easily help your personalize your messages and zero in on customers’ wants and needs. Using them together, you can segment customers based on their areas and send automated emails that advertise your products that happen to be more popular in their regions. You can also use the emails to send in store promotional information of you happen to have a physical store in their area.

eCommerce marketingKeep Customers from Becoming Inactive

Creating automated email campaigns for customers who are inactive or are close to the deadline for what your business defines as inactive is a great way to reel them back in and get them shopping again. Emails that are specific to getting those customers buying from you again, especially promotional offers and discounts, help keep their interest alive or gets them interested again. Remember, it is much cheaper to retain a current customer than attract a new one.

Make Buyers Out of Browsers

A marketing and email automation tool allows you to send automated emails to browsers when they have viewed a specific page or product but didn’t put it in their cart or buy it. Automating the email to send immediately after they have left your site helps your reach them when the chance of them rethinking their decision is the greatest. Having a link to that product included in the email makes it that much easier to make them a buyer instead of a browser.

Turn Shopping Cart Abandonment into Sales

Email and marketing automation can help you make customers reconsider products that they left behind in their shopping carts. Many marketing automation tools will help you send an automated email to your potential customer after they have abandoned a purchase. Reminding them that something is in their cart or trying to figure out why they chose not to complete their purchase can help you make a sale or find out what issues are stopping them from buying the product.

post purchase customer interactionInteract with Customers After They Buy

Although it is sometimes overlooked, sending customers personalized thank you’s, request for feedback, and other informational messages can help turn one-time buyers into repeat customers. If you are selling items that need to be replenished, offer to remind customers when it is time to order a new product. If an updated version becomes available, send them a personalized message informing them. Marketing and email automation can help you easily create and maintain a relationship with your customers.

Clarity Can Help 

At Clarity, we have seen firsthand the difference that email and marketing automation can make. Tools, such as Silverpop’s email and marketing software, enable businesses to easily set up, create, and send meaningful and timely messages to customers. Our team of experts has helped many clients implement helpful automation tools to empower their marketing teams and increase customer engagement. To find out more about how marketing automation can help your business and improve sales, call or click to contact us today!