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Clarity Ventures helps clients not only run a successful online store, but promote it as well. eCommerce email marketing reporting tools are some of the most powerful technologies available for assessing the success or failure of a marketing campaign. Email marketing, when it's done right, is very persuasive. If you have great offers coming out over email and if you're able to persuade visitors to buy based on what's on the flyer, you can track that data so that you know what worked and what didn’t!

The Power of eCommerce Marketing Analytics

eCommerce email marketing reporting tools allow you to take complex data and to see it analyzed in several different ways. This is one of the most powerful features of doing business online, in fact. Because that data can be analyzed in great detail and because businesses can be certain that the data that they're looking at is straight from the campaign itself, there is a great deal of intelligence that can be gathered. You can tell what's working and what isn't and you can direct your resources appropriately in the future.

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Customer Preferences and eCommerce Email Marketing

Most eCommerce businesses have more than one type of customer and it makes sense to direct marketing campaigns so that they appeal to specific types. This can be done much more specifically with the right type of eCommerce email marketing reporting tools. Rather than worrying if your materials are persuasive, you can just check the data and see. This way, your campaigns that are aimed at a particular type of customer can be tracked and adjusted depending upon how well they're doing.

Traffic Analysis for Email Marketing

eCommerce email marketing reporting tools also enable you to engage in more sophisticated traffic analysis.

eCommerce email marketing reporting tools also enable you to engage in more sophisticated traffic analysis. By determining which ads, links and other means of contact are being used by your customers, you can determine which calls to action are actually working and which campaign techniques you may want to emulate in the future. Having your eCommerce platform integrated with your e-mail marketing reporting tools has numerous benefits and many of them are related to information.

Setting Up a Marketing Campaign

Having this type of sophisticated technology integrated into your eCommerce platform is something that a professional designer can do in a way that makes it intuitive for your employees to use. This ensures that you're getting the maximum value out of your investment by guaranteeing that it will be intuitive and simple enough to use that marketing personnel will not feel overwhelmed by it and, therefore, will want to use it as much for convenience as they do for its effectiveness.

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