eCommerce Lead Generation and Inbound Marketing


Clarity Ventures is focused on helping clients increase lead generation and conversion. Imagine the advantage a business would have over its competition if it could be certain that all of the information it has about its customers was up to the minute and always accurate. With the right technology, eCommerce lead generation and inbound marketing can be taken to an entirely new level that puts the business in a position where they have incredibly efficient and accurate flow of information to their sales department.

eCommerce ERP Integration for Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the most popular business platforms in the world. It allows the integration of invoicing, accounting, shipping and marketing in one program. With development, eCommerce sites can be integrated into this program, as well, which is a powerful concept for marketing personnel. It allows the eCommerce site to function as a way to generate leads, and that means that even more value is obtained out of the development put into the site.

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Real Time Data for Lead Generation and Conversion

eCommerce lead generation and inbound marketing efforts can benefit from the fact that it is entirely possible to create real-time databases that allow customers to provide their information and for the relevant departments to receive it instantly. For sales personnel, there is no more powerful tool for making certain that leads are followed up on. Leads can be courted specifically on the site or they can be generated through sales. Either way, the information that the site provides about those leads can be relied upon to be accurate and timely, the two most important things for any sales personnel.

eCommerce Sales Reporting and Analysis

eCommerce lead generation and inbound marketing can benefit from useful and accurate reporting.

Sometimes, developing leads requires a bit of analysis of buying patterns. With powerful eCommerce solutions, eCommerce lead generation and inbound marketing can benefit from useful and accurate reporting. Integrated with powerful technology, the data from the eCommerce site can be used to generate detailed reports that give sales professionals the information they need to help them better direct their efforts in practical and useful ways.

Because of the higher level of customer service that can be obtained by using these powerful solutions, the level of attention that customers get is a powerful marketing tool in and of itself. When that is not enough, however, sales and marketing personnel can take advantage of the fact that they are being provided with a constant stream of data about potential customers and about the buying preferences and habits of their existing customers who shop at the site.

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