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Clarity Ventures offers clients efficient order management functionality. Order management is one of the most logistically complex parts of any eCommerce business. Having eCommerce order management integrated with CRM software is one of the simplest and most cost-effective solutions. This integration can make any business much more efficient.

eCommerce Order Management and CRM Integration

B2B Enterprise eComm Order Management Integrated with CRM

Having eCommerce order management integrated with CRM means that an order can be tracked from start to finish by the people who are responsible for maintaining relationships with customers. If something is taking too long, the department in charge of this relationship can take appropriate action. If something is backordered, they can act immediately. This ensures that the customers know that there are people behind the site and that their orders are taken seriously, as are their needs.

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Efficient Communication and Online Commerce Workflows

Within your organization, having eCommerce order management integrated with CRM ensures that communication between departments is fast and efficient. This means that no time is wasted in getting your customers what they need and that all of the departments involved in order fulfillment are able to work together toward their common goals.

Content Management for Streamlined eCommerce Sites

Having eCommerce order management integrated with CRM means that you can manage the content on your site much more easily.

Having eCommerce order management integrated with CRM means that you can manage the content on your site much more easily than you could otherwise. The content management functionalities built into the software mean that inventory and other vital information on the site can be instantly updated. New products can be added quickly and discontinued ones removed instantly. This helps to prevent any problems for customers and, of course, makes your business look and function better for everyone involved.

Reputation Management and Customer Service

When your business is functioning efficiently and customers are taken care of properly, your business simply looks better to everyone. This is one of the primary benefits of eCommerce order management integrated with CRM. When something goes wrong with an order, there is no delay where the customer is left wondering about what happened to their order. There is instant communication and that facilitate better customer relationships.

Getting the most out of your software means that you get the most out of your business. For businesses that want to take their customer service to a level that surpasses what they'd imagined, they can do so by having effective eCommerce order management integrated with CRM so that the entire process is part of an efficient and worthwhile information flow that helps them do business profitably and to treat their customers properly. Clarity eCommerce helps our clients achieve all of these things and do so while integrated with existing ERP systems.

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