eCommerce Product Integration to eBay

How do companies use eBay to grow eCommerce?

Clarity Connect integrates eBay into your eCommerce platformeBay represents over 10% of the global eCommerce market and drives over 60 million unique monthly visitors a month. Utilizing the power of eBay can bring significant benefits to your business. As with any business application, there are multiple pros and cons. In some cases, eBay may not even be the best solution. At Clarity, we help teams understand market dynamics and the most appropriate business applications to surpass their goals. Clarity’s Connect integration to eBay can increase organizations’ revenue by targeting the customer base eBay offers. Our clients discover new ways their products are being used and run inexpensive tests to validate opportunities and run competitive analyses.

Clarity's eCommerce platform enables eBay integration to allow site administrators to leverage products on Organizations can select the items they pick and choose to appear on the eBay site. The Clarity Connect platform for eBay eCommerce integration also offers shipping cost calculations and tracking/delivery status integration, taxes, customs, and duties. Clients prefer to leverage a platform like eBay to expand internationally and identify new markets.

Pros and Cons of eBay eCommerce integration

eBay integrations helps drives business strategyeBay’s platform model proves to drive revenue for all types of organizations. The integrated solution can help guide and lift an operation's entire output. Most of the transactions processed through eBay are consumer oriented, so there is a fairly limited niche for business to business products. As this consumer space is constantly growing, more organizations find creative ways to utilize it into their business plans. There are several pros and cons of integrating the eBay eCommerce solution.

Pros of selling on

  • Increased Sales - If there is a good fit with the audience on the marketplace, there usually is a boost in revenue sometimes exceeding 50% increase but typically at least 5-10% when fully executed.

  • Infrastructure and Processes - The eBay model is well flushed out and creates practices that reinforce successful business operations. Learning directly from one of the best in the industry tends to help generate additional profits if done properly.

  • Generating Awareness - The additional exposure from eBay's traffic and loyal customer base create additional awareness that leads to ongoing, long-term customers. This is a major benefit that the marketplace can provide and there are certain aspects of support and follow-up you can do to help maximize your potential.

Cons of selling on

  • eBay Requirements - The benefits of the marketplace and additional exposure brings along with it the need for meeting and adhering to certain standards and processes that may not be best suited for your business model. This can create additional overhead that will drive profits down further and in some cases may not add benefit.

  • Associated Costs - The fees and percentages charged on eBay can vary but tend to be about 10-12%. The takeaway here is that you're effectively trading the benefits of having a big marketplace of interested buyers (i.e. lower marketing expenses) with the significant margin reduction.

  • Synchronizing Orders and Inventory Data - This is a strength of the Clarity eCommerce platform for helping to keep the eBay and internal inventory and shipment status information in sync. However, without a tool set like Clarity Connect to perform this integration this process of synchronizing inventory, pricing and product details can become a significant additional overhead.

Clarity and eBay enhance eCommerce

Clarity and eBay have the potential to drastically improve processes, generate revenue, and identify new markets. Like any business application, there are positives and negatives. Please speak with Clarity and learn how we can guide your team through the decision making process. Thank you.